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Article on Republican debate was fair and unbiased
A big thank-you to Vicky Gits for her unbiased reporting of the GOP debate between Loren Bauman and Justin Everett.
I found it very refreshing to read a straightforward news story without the writer editoralizing. Maybe the major media writers could take a lesson from you about factual reporting without editoralizing.
Jerry Menikheim

Tax hike for schools is badly needed
I am writing to address the question of whether 3A/3B are necessary to combat the budget crisis facing Jeffco Public Schools (e.g., $45 million budget cut in 2013-14). Mr. Tonsing, in a recent letter to the editor, provided the following alternatives to raising property taxes:
1. Have students clean classrooms — Kids ARE responsible for tidying up their classrooms. Regardless, janitors will always be needed in our schools to accomplish deep cleaning to combat illness-spreading germs.
2. Charge students who drive to school — They ARE charged via a permit.
3. Charge parents $2 a day if their child doesn’t ride the bus and chooses to drive — that is probably unreasonable considering parents of bused students are already charged $150 per year.
4. Increase ticket fees for school events and extracurricular activities — a possibility, but it would hardly make a dent in cutting $45 million.
I would like to give Mr. Tonsing kudos — he’s proposing solutions, which is more than I’ve heard from the vocal few who like to criticize the district and complain at board meetings. There are other solutions we can and should explore to combat the crisis, but in the short-term, our schools need relief now. Yes, 3A and 3B are necessary!
$37 a year is not a lot to ask to ensure our school district can continue to provide the quality education our children have come to expect and deserve.
Please visit www.supportjeffcoschools
.com to learn how you can help w/the mill/bond campaign.
Tina Gurdikian