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Dan Cathy's comments were not acceptable


I recently read that Chick-fil-A increased its sales since Dan Cathy’s comments regarding gay rights and gay marriage. While I love to see our local businesses doing well, it’s hard for me to think that people actually increased their visits to Chick-fil-A because of the stance the president of the company took. I, for one, made a decision to stop going to Chick-fil-A. I had the pleasure of discussing Mr. Cathy’s statements with the owner of the store at Kipling and C-470. We had a good discussion about how great her restaurant has been to my family and me. So why would I stop attending a restaurant with great employees, management and food? Because the president of the company chose to publicly speak out against equal rights for homosexuals. 
Here is a portion of the e-mail I sent to my local Chick-fil-A restaurant owner:
“Mr. Cathy has expressed that he supports a specific definition of the family. He called me arrogant and prideful for believing homosexuals should have the same rights as me. He said he supports traditional families. I’d like it known that I also support traditional families (we happen to be a “traditional” family). But unlike Dan Cathy, who seems to only support families which meet his guidelines, my wife and I support ALL families.”
Homosexuals should have the right to the protections and benefits we receive through marriage. It’s that simple. Civil unions are not a compromise, but a further signal of inequality. Equal rights are for everyone; that is why it’s called a “right.” And it should be the same for everyone; that is why it’s called “equal.” I’m not asking people to stop eating Chick-fil-A. That is not my decision to make for others. I also believe Dan Cathy has the right to his beliefs. Just as importantly, I have the right to be disturbed by those beliefs. 
Regardless of what Dan Cathy thinks, I know our country is moving in the right direction. If you go back 15 years, roughly a quarter of the people in the United States backed the legalization of gay marriage. Today over half our country backs the legalization of gay marriage. And the number of supporters will continue to grow. So while Mr. Cathy’s sales may continue to increase, the number of people that support his views will continue to decrease. Thank God.
Josh Moffatt

Thanks, Jeffco voters, for putting kids first by approving 3A, 3B
Voters in Jefferson County sent a strong message on election night when 58 percent approved issue 3A and 54 percent backed 3B.
These are huge wins for our kids — and our community. Great schools benefit us all. They improve our quality of life, attract businesses and protect our property values. Most important, they educate future citizens who one day will cast their own votes.
3A will generate $39 million each year to maintain classroom size; restore two days of school; and ensure students have access to instrumental music, teacher librarians, electives and Outdoor Lab. 3B will provide $99 million in funds for repairs to aging schools
For the average Jeffco homeowner, these measures cost $36 a year — and will provide a strong return on taxpayers’ investment. Our students outperformed the state in all grade levels and content areas on 2012 state tests. Our high school graduation rates tie for second in the nation among the 50 largest school districts. More Jeffco students are pursuing post-secondary education. The class of 2012 earned $54 million in college scholarships.
And there is always room for improvement! We will continue to leverage every taxpayer dollar for student success.
In Jeffco, the win for 3A and 3B also demonstrates what a community can accomplish when it puts children first. Thousands of volunteers with Citizens for Jeffco Schools, led by co-chairs Kelly Johnson and Jonna Levine, walked door to door, called voters, waved signs at busy intersections and much more; chambers of commerce, mayors, city council members and others across Jefferson County stood up and said, “This is the right thing to do right now.”
Today, we get back to work analyzing student achievement data, pinpointing classroom strategies that get results, and making sure our graduates are ready for college, the workforce and life.
But we’ll savor the support of a community that came together on Nov. 6 to ensure every child in Jeffco receives a great education, and we promise that we will be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars you have entrusted to us.
On behalf of the Jeffco school board members who voted to put these measures on the ballot, thank you, Jeffco voters, for believing in our kids and the teachers, principals and support staff who touch their lives every day.
Lesley Dahlkemper, Paula Noonan, Robin Johnson and Jill Fellman
Jeffco school board members