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More guns mean more violence
To: NRA members and other gun enthusiasts:
What part of these equations do you not understand? More guns mean more violence and death! Unrestricted access to guns means more violence, not less. Forty percent of gun sales in America have no background checks; 30,000 people are killed with guns in America each year, far more than any other “civilized” country in the world.
What is worse is that this is going to continue happening and accelerate. Who is responsible? Each of us that does nothing to change the status quo: Demand from our legislators at the state and national levels: Background checks on all gun sales; raise the purchase and possession age for non-military people to 25 (all mass shooters have been young men under 25 years of age — research shows that a person’s brain is not fully developed until age 25); ban all semi-automatic assault weapons (they have no legitimate hunting purpose and are only used to hunt people); require all guns in a home to be kept under lock and key; require that all people who have concealed-weapons permits to undergo extensive training and background checks. Require all purchasers and possessors of guns to have a mental health certificate.
What is next? The NRA and its allies think each person should carry a concealed weapon (talk about mass violence) in an enclosed area. Do we require all K-12 kids to carry guns? What lunacy!
C. George Johnston