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School board member apologizes for not handling traffic ticket
As a member of the Jefferson County Board of Education, I believe in lessons — for our students and for myself. In the past week, I learned important lessons about taking care of my personal business.
In 2011 I received a ticket for not having my proof of auto insurance card in my car, even though I did have the insurance. I didn’t take care of it right away and was assigned a court date.
Last week, I was stopped for having expired license plates from December 2012. During that traffic stop, I learned that there was an outstanding warrant from the previous ticket in 2011, and I was arrested for not taking care of the earlier ticket.
I am disappointed in myself and embarrassed by these events, and I apologize to Columbine Village and Jeffco students and citizens for my personal carelessness. I have learned my lesson — get a ticket, take care of it; have a court date, go. The state of Colorado takes these issues seriously, and so should I.
Paula Noonan
member, Jeffco school board