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Put it to the people
The “Put It to the People” pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment rights initiative petition is now circulating in Jefferson County, plus many other counties in Colorado.
“Put It to the People” is a grassroots organization whose sole purpose is circulating this petition, eventually amending the Colorado Constitution and subsequently reinforcing gun owners’ rights. It is independent of and not affiliated with any other gun-rights organization.
And because more than 100,000, signatures are needed, the group is asking for your help by signing and circulating petitions.
If enough registered Colorado voters sign this petition, the measure will be placed on the ballot in 2014 “as a proposed change to the Constitution of Colorado.” We intend that this “gun rights” amendment in effect will repeal HB 1224, a new law that limits magazine capacity, including any “readily convertible” magazines, and requires “continuous possession” thereof — subsequently making transfer of ownership illegal. Particularly problematic is the fact that most ordinary everyday handguns and many hunting rifles have “readily convertible” or expandable magazines.
This recently enacted anti-gun law blatantly violates the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which mandates that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
The ballot title and submission clause designated and fixed by the Initiative Title Setting Review Board is:
Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution prohibiting any restriction on the purchase or possession of ammunition storage and feeding devices other than a restriction enacted by a voter-approved law?
The proposed constitutional amendment is:
Section 32. Gun Magazines — No limitation or restriction
No law, except a law enacted by a vote of the people, shall restrict or limit the right of the people to purchase or possess ammunition storage and feeding devices of any capacity.
If you’d like to sign or circulate this petition, e-mail putittothepeople@gmail.com. You can also visit www.putittothepeople.com and click the “signing location” button at the top of the Web page for a list of permanent signing locations. The phone number is: 855-749-8005. If you are in Jefferson County ask “Put It to the People” to pass your message on to me, as I have petitions.
Beth Dalebroux