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Lamontagne the right choice for Jeffco school board
I attended the Jeffco school board candidate forum in Evergreen to get a better feel for the qualifications and opinions of the candidates with regard to the issues our county is facing. District 2 candidate Jeff Lamontagne demonstrated that he would bring a balanced voice and a long-term, solutions-oriented commitment to the Jeffco school board.
Lamontagne co-founded the Second Wind Fund, which provides counseling services for youths at risk for suicide, and was its executive director for 10 years. Through his work with the SWF, Jeff successfully collaborated with businesses, faith communities, parents, kids, school administrators/teachers/counselors and community leaders to make SWF one of the largest mental health providers in Colorado, and the annual SWF run/walk the largest suicide prevention event in the country!
Jeff has two children in Jeffco schools and his wife is a senior high IB teacher in a Jeffco school as well. Jeff is committed to ensuring that Jeffco schools provide the best learning environment for their students and a challenging and collaborative work environment for their employees.
I was also struck by two other candidates: Tonya Aultman-Bettridge (District 1) and Spud Van de Water (District 5). All three of these candidates clearly demonstrated the ability, willingness and determination to work with other board members, parents, and Jeffco employees to ensure that Jeffco continues to ensure a standard of excellence demanded by our county. I encourage readers to attend an upcoming forum and please vote by Nov. 5!
Tina Gurdikian

Amendment 66 has troubling undertones
Is Amendment 66 about a permanent change to the constitution of the state of Colorado? Yes, it is.
Is Amendment 66 about new state income taxes “earmarking” about $1 billion to be used only for funding education, in addition to the 50 percent of the state budget already going to education? Yes, it is.
Is Amendment 66 about changing the structure of the Colorado state income tax from a flat tax to a graduated income tax? It appears to be. I don’t know.
Changing the state of Colorado’s income tax structure should be a stand-alone decision. It is an important issue. It should not happen by oversight, ignorance, accident, slight of hand or political manipulation.
I am voting against Amendment 66.
Robert Gottsman
Jefferson County

Congressional Republicans must stand their ground
Might we hope that the congressional Republicans, in their struggle to prevent the incipient damage to the lives and health of our nation’s people — born, unborn and elderly — which will result with the activation of Obamacare, would emulate Gen. U.S. Grant, who stated that “I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes it all summer!”?
Russell W. Haas