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More bad baggage for ObamaCare
If Denver International Airport’s fondly remembered 1-square-mile automated baggage system could never be made fully operational, how can the ObamaCare computer fiasco (created by a company that failed province-wide in Ontario, Canada) be made to function nationwide?
Russell W. Haas

What is Jeffco Schools doing with taxpayer money?
Last year, the community passed 3A/3B, which promised no teacher layoffs or increased class sizes. Yet we see increasing class sizes for a variety of reasons. Jeffco Schools also promised the money from 3A/3B would NOT be used to fund inBloom or the Classroom Dashboard. The district now says that almost $3 million of those funds it promised to reserve “were appropriated by the Board of Education in support of the Classroom Dashboard project” (from a Q&A document presented to the school board).
Did you know our teachers are paid 11 percent less than state average? While our teachers and kids are getting shortchanged, the district is misusing millions of dollars to pay for untested, unproven technology. A parent spoke out about wasteful spending on unnecessary technology at the board meeting Oct. 3. The measure she spoke against failed, and angry district employees intimidated and bullied her, then slapped her with a no-trespass order.
Jeffco Schools is breaking promises to the taxpayers, mismanaging funds, and bullying concerned parents into silence. Let’s make a stand for our principles and our children’s education.
Catherine Horman