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Humane treatment of prairie dogs is first step toward changing views
I applaud Gina Writz’s efforts in the relocation attempt of the prairie dogs at the parcel of land at Wadsworth and Coal Mine. Sadly, the inhumane extermination and “bulldozing over” of prairie dogs is common practice in the industry. It is simply eradication by death. And, unfortunately, until the industry changes, we are stuck with its choices.
I realize a lot of people who read this are thinking, ‘Who cares? They are just prairie dogs.’ Yet, I cannot help but argue that compassion and humanity begin on a microcosmic level. I challenge anyone reading this to next time put that spider in your bathroom in a cup and take it outside and release it.
Ask yourself how that made you feel, instead of it ending up on the bottom of your shoe. Agreed that a single spider may not make a difference in a macrocosmic view, but that single spider has the potential of making a person change his view on humanity and treating all living things humanely. And that is truly powerful.
The Columbine Courier reported on the poisoning of the prairie dogs at Clement Park a couple of years ago, and I was bewildered by a photo of a teenage boy dropping poison down a prairie dog hole, with the Columbine Memorial only a few yards away. Isn’t it just a shame that “Respect Life” may just merely be a fancy license plate, after all?
If we do not begin accepting a moral liability, we then cannot blame immoral consequence.
Paul Lucero