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New school board: in the wrong
Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams:
As a citizen and taxpayer in Jefferson County, I am outraged at your action of hiring your own law firm to represent the school board. Not only does it violate district policy, but it makes you all hypocrites in regard to the campaign promises you made to make things more transparent and to serve the needs of the children of Jefferson County. If you cannot make your own agendas, create board packets, understand staffing issues, and create your own communications, you should not have run for the board.
Public schools should be funded from the classroom up, with Jeffco students being the primary focus. This action reeks of nothing but selfish politics and bullying tactics. Our school funding dollars are precious, and to pass this action without discussing what would be the law firm’s scope of work, the price, and without public input is morally reprehensible. This hasty decision very much seems like political paybacks. I will gladly sign a petition asking for your recall.
Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Feldman:
Thank you for speaking against this action and for calling for a collaborative approach to making decisions. I applaud the fact that you realize public schools need input and involvement from the community and that any board decision should be made only after looking carefully at all points of view. The citizens of Jefferson County and the children who are served in Jeffco schools deserve this kind of process.
Laurel Trasky

New school board: in the right
Do you remember, not so long ago, when some folks, partial to brown-colored shirts and strange dance steps, said, “The bigger the lie the better, and the more that it is repeated, the better is the chance of it being believed”?
Is that not the case with the Denver Post’s effort to pillory the new Jeffco school board, since it has published two articles slandering that board’s perfectly legal hiring of an attorney to represent itself (horrors) and fill a vacancy, followed with a screed by Joan Jacobson of Lakewood, a letter-writing coach for “BarakObama.com/,” who parrots the lies of Alicia Caldwell?
Please tell us:
• How was the board supposedly in violation of the Sunshine Law?
• How is $90,000 more than the $150,000 plus benefits charged by the recently resigned attorney who represented the district’s bureaucracy?
• How is an “agenda item” posted Dec. 9 for discussion at a scheduled board meeting (Dec. 12), and open for public comment, a violation of “public process”?
• Since when does Jacobson’s 1 (new) attorney + 0 (old) attorneys equal 2 attorneys? Is that the “new Jeffco math,” the teaching of which has caused our district to slip from second in the nation to mediocrity today?
Was Jacobson writing from a script?
Russell W Haas