Park district seeks bolder look

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Foothills says signs too small for safety, marketing reasons

By Vicky Gits

The Foothills Park & Recreation District has asked for site approval from Jefferson County to allow for much larger signage at its campus on Ward Street.

A hearing is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 10, before the Planning Commission.

Ron Hopp, executive director of the district, said the main reason for seeking bigger signage is to make the buildings easier to find in an emergency. The new sign on The Ridge Recreation Center would be 135 square feet. The current sign is about 4 feet by 3 feet, or 12 square feet.

The sign for The Edge Ice Arena would be similarly enlarged.

The initiative stems from an incident in front of the ice arena in July 2011 that shut down buildings across the campus.

“The SWAT team and the sheriff came and ended up being confused. Instead of The Edge, they went to The Ridge, partially because of the signage,” Hopp said. “It caused us to come to the conclusion that larger signage would be better for safety and way-finding.”

Hopp believes the bigger signs will also attract more customers.

The district has already added larger signage to the Foothills Sports Arena north of West Quincy Avenue and Kipling Street. “It has been well received and enhanced our utilization. Previously it looked like a warehouse. Now people drive by and think, ‘I’d like to rent that,’ ” Hopp said.

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