Sheriff's Calls

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By The Staff

SOUTHWEST JEFFCO — A good selection of shoes is vital to any modern wardrobe. But an attempted purchase of $241 in new shoes with what appeared to be a fraudulent traveler’s check raised concerns at a local department store. The sales clerk refused to ring up the sale, and the store’s loss-prevention associates made copies of the $500 check before notifying the sheriff’s office. The stylish suspect departed during the fracas and was later identified through a license plate and Social Security number. After all that fuss over some pumps, there was no evidence that the customer had in fact attempted to use a fake traveler’s check. It’s assumed the customer used a pair of shoes in her possession to hoof it to another store.

SOUTHWEST JEFFCO — Excuses, excuses. One suspect — who was pulled over after swerving across multiple lanes of South Kipling Parkway — said she’d imbibed only an ounce of vodka before driving home sometime around 11 p.m. on a Friday. Her bloodshot, watery eyes and foul breath gave her away. Not to mention that her vehicle’s rear hatch was wide open. Then again, maybe the suspect just needed a little fresh air. Deputies determined after a roadside test that the suspect might not have been forthwith in regard to her consumption that night. It didn’t exactly help when she said bronchitis was the reason she couldn’t blow hard enough for a breath test. The unfortunate female was transported to the county jail for a good night’s sleep.

SOUTHWEST JEFFCO — When stopped for a traffic violation, it’s probably a good idea not to have a passenger with a warrant out for his arrest. In other words, the driver’s friend was in trouble even before the deputy pulled them aside. To say the least, things didn’t get started on the right foot. Adding insult to the prior offense, deputies found a metal pipe and a baggie filled with “a green leafy substance in his left front pocket.” Such paraphernalia didn’t add up to a happy ending for the suspect, who was hauled off because of an active warrant and given a summons on top of that for possession.