Sheriff's Calls

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An Offbeat Look at Area Crime

Debris detected in close orbit

DEER CREEK CANYON ROAD — The guard in the security shack described the crime as “brash.” According to her report to JCSO, about 4 p.m. Oct. 11, a bright-red, extended-cab Chevy pickup truck stopped on the shoulder of the aerospace production facility’s access road roughly 200 yards from, and in plain view of, the guard post. A pair of 20-somethings wearing ball caps and hoodies climbed out, in no apparent hurry. They unloaded a wheelbarrow from the truck’s bed and placed it beside the road. Then they unloaded a small mountain of black trash bags from the truck’s bed and placed them beside the wheelbarrow. Then they loaded the wheelbarrow back into the truck’s bed and drove away the way they’d come, leaving the trash sitting beside the road. A mobile security unit had arrived only minutes later — too late to bust the brazen litterbugs — and the guard shack’s security cameras weren’t adequate to read a license plate at 200 paces. Lacking a solid pad from which to launch an investigation, deputies suggested that resident rocket scientists review the surveillance footage and get back to them if they find anything that could get their probe off the ground.


Family flimflam foiled

WEST MARLOWE PLACE — You’ve got to love grandmas. On the morning of Oct. 11, Grandma got a desperate call from “Grandson” begging her for help. “Grandson” said he’d been arrested for “drunk driving” and was sitting in a Reno jail cell. “Grandson” needed Grandma to wire him $2,000 for bail. Grandma asked to speak with “someone in charge” at the jail. “Grandson” turned the phone over to “Lonnie,” who told Grandma that he could get “Grandson’s” bail reduced to $1,000 provided she sent the money within two hours. Tortured by the prospect of her beloved, apple-cheeked grandchild languishing in a Nevada lockup, Grandma rushed to the bank, withdrew the requested funds, then drove to the nearest Walmart to fire off a MoneyGram. Alas, in her haste to rescue “Grandson” from official clutches, Grandma had neglected to get wiring information for the Reno jail. Fortunately, “Grandson” was languishing next to a telephone, and he immediately provided Grandma with a wiring address in the Dominican Republic. Grandma dutifully wrote the information on the MoneyGram form and handed it to a store clerk, who dutifully told Grandma she was “probably being scammed.” In the end, Grandma didn’t lose anything more than some time and tranquility, but she wanted JCSO to know about it, just the same.


Cujo vs the Ankle-biters

WEST BELLEVIEW AVENUE — It has long been Rex’s habit to walk his big dog around on church property. One morning two weeks ago, Rex and his big dog encountered Queen Eleonora and Mrs. Bigglesworth, who were walking their little dogs off-leash on church property. When big dog expressed an interest in ripping the little dogs into rags and tatters, Rex brought his beast to heel and warned Queen Eleonora and Mrs. Bigglesworth that they’d best keep their little dogs leashed because his big dog would surely kill them if he got the chance. A week later Rex and his big dog again met Queen Eleonora and Mrs. Bigglesworth in the churchyard, at which time Queen Eleonora’s little dog escaped her grasp and tore straight for Rex’s big dog. Swiftly heading off the attack, Rex picked the little dog up by the scruff and handed it back to Queen Leonora with the admonishment that “there are rules to follow” and a reminder that his big dog had it in for her pint-size pet. Queen Leonora and Mrs. Bigglesworth reported the incidents, saying that Rex had made them feel “uncomfortable” and a little bit “harassed.” Deputies filed a report saying that dog wouldn’t hunt.