Sheriff's Calls: Stop in the name of pot

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By The Staff

Stop in the name of pot

SOUTH JEFFCO — Running a stop sign just doesn't pay, especially if you're on your way home from buying a half-ounce of marijuana. One South Jeffco man found that out the hard way last week after running the four-way stop at Remington Place and South Iris Way. A Jeffco deputy estimated he blew through the intersection at about 20 mph, so he pulled the guy over. The driver admitted not stopping, saying that he didn't see the deputy. The deputy proceeded to check his handy computer system, and lo and behold the driver had a warrant out of Lakewood for careless driving/leaving the scene of an accident. The driver said he was in an accident in Lakewood recently, but he left a note on the car. The deputy and a backup deputy asked the driver to exit his vehicle so they could take him in on the warrant, at which point they smelled the strong odor of "un-burnt" marijuana. The driver admitted to having just purchased a half-ounce of the leafy green, and told the deputies where they could find it. The deputies found it, along with a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana and a small digital scale, which the man had an explanation for. "Dude, I smoke dope in that pipe, but my scale is only to weigh my dope when I buy it, so I don't get ripped off," the man said. Makes sense. "It cost me a lot of money; don't take it," the man pleaded, to no avail. The man was taken to the Jeffco jail and booked on the warrant, and also issued a summons for possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The pricey scale and the pipe were booked into the South Jeffco substation evidence vault.

A brush with the law

SOUTH JEFFCO — The sniffles and a dirty mouth propelled a South Jeffco woman to a theft ticket last week, when she apparently stole a toothbrush and a box of Sudafed from the pharmacy at Kaiser Permanente on Shaffer Parkway last week. The woman was in the clinic filling several prescriptions when she stuffed the toothbrush and box of Sudafed in her purse, according to a clinic employee. The Jeffco deputy who responded told the clinic worker to fill the woman's prescriptions and see if she ended up paying for the items in her purse. The woman never paid, and she walked out of the clinic and right into the long arm of the law, where she was issued a summons for theft and released on the scene.

An achy, breaky window

SOUTH JEFFCO — Windows sometimes break, along with the hearts of those who break them. Just ask a Morrison woman who found that to be the case last week. She was breaking up with her boyfriend and went to his house to get some of her things. She knocked on his door and heard the dog inside barking, and heard her former beau laughing. She looked in his front window and saw him and another woman on the couch laughing at her, so she pounded on the window and demanded that he let her get her things. The window broke, and she fled to her car. She then claimed the man came outside and kicked her car as she was leaving, a claim he later denied to deputies, and a claim that was disputed by the other woman who witnessed the breaking window/relationship. The window breaking woman fled the scene, and hit a light pole on her way out. When Jeffco deputies contacted the woman, she confirmed that she had broken the window, but not intentionally. She listed for the deputy a litany of grievances about her former beau, and noted that she had not reported any of them to police prior to that fateful day. The broken window earned her a trip to the Jeffco jail on charges of criminal mischief, and she didn't even get her stuff back from the old boyfriend's house.