Snow not a surprise

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By Dan Johnson

You had to have seen this coming, right?

“It” of course, refers to the more than a foot of snow dumped on us March 26.

Every year around this time, just as we’re entering the thick of the spring sports season, Mother Nature not-so-kindly reminds us that while the calendar may say its spring, she’s not through with us just yet.

Granted, the snowfall was much-needed as we had a very mild winter. But, typically when it snows, it is bad news for area sports teams.

Not so, this year.

For that, we can thank the schedule-makers of Jefferson County Schools. Since they decided to start the school year a little earlier than normal this year, Spring Break, which normally falls on the third week of March, was pushed back to the fourth. So, while the snowfall was large, the damage done to the spring sports schedule was very minimal. Most sports were slated to play their final contests on March 26; of course, those were nullified due to the storm. A few leftover scraps on March 27 and 28 were also called off.

But, the really good news is that since the spring storm almost perfectly aligned with Spring Break, schools won’t be stuck with the task of massive rescheduling. The sport typically affected most by weather, baseball, earned a nice reprieve and local fields will have an extra week to dry out before the kids put their gloves back on. The moisture should help bring some lushness back to the outfield grass, as well as dried-out Lakewood Memorial Field for soccer.

So, potential disaster is averted; at least for now. This hasn’t been a typical March. Mountain-area schools Evergreen and Conifer actually were able to practice – and play games – on their home fields, something that doesn’t happen most years. Hopefully April will bring more sunshine than showers and local teams can play out the rest of their schedules uninterrupted.

Speaking of schedules, there’s one thing I’d like to make note of. Recently there’s been a handful of sporting events that have changed location last-minute. That’s fine, aside from the fact that the schools aren’t notifying yours truly about the changes, leaving myself and other reporters to show up at the original site with nobody there. Athletic directors, if there’s any changes in your schedules, make sure you contact me and give me a heads-up. I’m a lot of things, but mind-reader isn’t one of them.


Dan Johnson is the sports editor for Evergreen Newspapers.