Special bond at the heart of Daddy Daughter Valentine Ball

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By Ramsey Scott

A little one-on-one time for fathers and daughters is a good thing — especially if it involves a two-step.


The Foothills Park and Recreation District hosted 100 father-daughter pairs Saturday at its Daddy Daughter Valentine Ball at The Peak Community Center. The evening dance gave the fathers and daughters a chance to make some special memories.

And to cut a rug or two. 

“It’s been great. I taught her to do a little swing dancing, and now she won’t let me off the dance floor,” said Robert Rivera. 

Rivera and his daughter Alisha, 7, had already broken a sweat in the first hour of the ball, as Alisha kept tugging her dad onto the dance floor.

“I had a dance move he didn’t even know,” Alisha said. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

Rivera said he doesn’t get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Alisha, and the dance made for a fun outing for just the two of them. And he wasn’t the only father hoping to build lasting memories with his daughter. 

“I love doing things one on one with her. She’s my only daughter, and it just gives us time alone together,” said David Agranoff. “She actually asked me out to it.”

Agranoff’s daughter, 10-year-old Rachel, saw a flier advertising the ball and was determined to escort her dad to the event. 

“It was awesome. It’s nice to do something with my dad and not hang out with my brothers,” Rachel said.

For Stefan van Duursen and his daughter Hannah, 10, attending a daddy-daughter ball has become a tradition since Hannah was 4. 

“I really love spending time with Poppa,” Hannah said. “It’s really special to do something with just him and me.”

The ball provided a chance to bond during a memorable occasion, van Duursen said. Not to mention an opportunity to dance with his daughter to music programmed by a DJ. 

“Oh, yes, we’ve been doing a lot of dancing. It makes it special,” van Duursen said. “We were just talking about how she hopes we can do this every year.”


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