Their bark was worse than the Clash

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By The Staff

SOUTH JEFFCO — A Littleton man, concerned that the incessant barking of his dogs while he was away from home was upsetting the neighbors, thoughtfully decided that the solution was to leave his music on loud enough to drown out the curs’ cacophony. A pair of neighbors next door called the sheriff’s office to complain about the music, and one of the neighbors mentioned he had tried to speak to the dogs’ owner, and he barked back that he was a “cop.” Another neighbor said: “It’s all the time. You can hear it right now.” The music-playing neighbor arrived as the deputy was preparing to leave. When asked about the loud music, the man said his neighbors complain no matter what he does, and he started playing the music to soothe the savage beasts. The deputy informed him that it was “unacceptable” that his neighbors could hear the music clearly inside their homes, and the man said he had been a peace officer for six years and he understood. The deputy told him there would be criminal charges if there were any more complaints, which presumably was not music to his ears. Or his dogs’.

SOUTH JEFFCO — A deputy responded to a strange call last week at a local eatery, where an irate woman claimed that, when she returned from a trip to the restroom, her table had been cleared and her cell phone was gone. The owners of the restaurant told the deputy that they allowed the woman to go into the back of the restaurant and look through the trash to make sure the phone wasn’t there, to no avail. The deputy began to advise the woman that this was a civil matter and, as he was telling her, she started emptying her pockets, turning in a circle and lifting up her shirt. The deputy noticed that she had a sports bra on, and that a black cell phone was tucked into the front of the bra. Just as the deputy was about to point out the location of the phone, the woman grabbed both of her children and stormed out of the restaurant, yelling, “You’ll be hearing from my attorney!” No call from the attorney so far, but at least she paid for the food.

SOUTH JEFFCO — Dog off leash runs at neighbor, neighbor gets upset, neighbor puts screws into the tires of the dog’s owner? That’s the picture one South Jeffco woman painted for a deputy last week. She said that ever since her dog ran across the parking lot at her neighbor, the neighbor has been angry. Combine that with the fact that she’s had multiple flat tires since the incident, and the woman believed she knew the culprit. The responding deputy spoke with the “angry” neighbor, who confirmed that he was upset about the dog running at him, and he told her to keep her dog on a leash, but that he’s been trying to avoid her since the initial incident. He also “adamantly” denied doing anything to her car. The deputy told them both to avoid each other, and each other’s pets, in the future.