Tigers trip up Eagles

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Despite losses, fans are turning out in big numbers at Dakota

By Lauren Gaddie-Johnson

The most exciting part for the Dakota Ridge volleyball team on Oct. 9 was that the Eagles’ fans came out in grand numbers to raise a raucous in the stands.

The Lakewood Tigers defeated Dakota Ridge in three straight games, including a nail-biter of a second game.

After losing a close first game, 25-19, the Eagles jumped to an 11-6 lead in the second game. However, Lakewood inched its way back and soon the score was tied at 17. When the score got to 20-all, the Tigers scored four straight points. The Eagles managed to make their way back to tie the game yet again at 24. With the score knotted at 25, Lakewood grabbed the two final points needed for the victory.

“We expected it to be a challenge,” said Dakota Ridge senior Haley MacDonald, who led the team with three aces. “We played hard for that game, but we just couldn’t pull through.”

MacDonald said even though it was a tough loss, the Eagles fans kept the atmosphere high energy.

“It’s definitely fun to play in front of a bunch of people when they’re chanting your name (D. Ridge),” MacDonald said. “So much has changed from last year. Our senior class is very spirited.”

In fact, several seniors sported neon green shirts which read, “Superfan Senior Captain” on the back of their T-shirts. The stands shook with excitement and cheers even though Dakota took a 25-22 loss in the third game. The Eagles had an early 5-1 lead, tied the game at 7 and 16, but never regained the lead.

“All the kids in the green shirts go to all the sporting events and get all their friends to come too,” explained senior Kayla Johnson, who had two solo blocks for the Eagles and two assisted blocks. “At least half of those kids (in the stands) are seniors. We love that they’re coming to our games more than last year’s fans did.”

Hannah Butler led the Eagles with 15 digs and Ashley Beasley had eight kills.