In tough times, newspaper and readers can help each other

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By The Staff

We’ve been hearing every day for months now about the bad economy. Every night we go home to the news of more layoffs and cutbacks. We have all been impacted in some way. I know the Courier has. We have reduced staffing through attrition; as employees have resigned for different opportunities, we have restructured and asked our current employees to take on additional duties.

Our production manager, Tom, is delivering a single-copy route for our mountain papers to a variety of businesses where folks like to buy them so we can keep our paper out there and available for sale on newsstands. We recently had to eliminate six positions to further reduce our expenses due to declining sales. The folks in these positions had provided our papers a total of more than 50 years of hard work and dedication. I am very proud of our parent company, which did the right thing even in these tough economic times and provided all these wonderful folks with a very generous severance package.

So I have been thinking, how can the Columbine Courier help? How can we make a positive impact for our community?

I know one thing we can do with our media of communication is to reach out and ask you to share ideas, send us an e-mail, a letter, a phone call. What do you need from your local newspapers and websites right now? What kind of information can we provide? The Courier in print and online has a phenomenal reach to individuals and businesses. We can share our ideas in the Courier’s pages and online to help out a struggling individual, family or business.

Our editor, Doug Bell, has been conducting classes for folks who are out of work and trying to find a new job. If you are in this situation, please contact Doug to learn about his next session. You can e-mail him at doug@evergreenco.com or give him a call at 303-350-1039.

I had another idea on how to assist the community. I’m inviting you all to use our website for free. You are welcome to sell personal items that have been sitting in your garage, attic or backyard by listing them on our website for FREE. Maybe it’s time to sell that “stuff” you just had to have last year but don’t use anymore. We can help each other out. That “stuff” you don’t need anymore might be exactly what your neighbor or someone on the other side of town needs. Check out our ad on Page 10B for all the details, or call Laurie at 303-933-2233, ext. 12, and she will help you out.

If you take anything away from this today, please e-mail or call with ideas that we can share in our pages and online. We need each other. If we put our heads together and keep communicating, we just might get through this a little better off.

I can be reached by e-mail at  theresa@evergreenco.com or by phone at 303-350-1037.

Theresa Willmann is the publisher of the Evergreen Newspapers.