Trading spaces, South Jeffco style

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By AJ Vicens

SOUTH JEFFCO — In what was perhaps an odd attempt by pranksters to act out the popular TLC television show “Trading Spaces,” a man reported June 10 that somebody had switched all his patio furniture, potted plants and his welcome mat with those of his neighbor. He said he went to bed June 9 with everything in place, and when he woke up June 10, everything had been switched. His neighbor told deputies that one of her potted plants was broken during the prank — the only casualty of the incident. Neither neighbor knew who would do such a thing or why, and no charges or further investigation were pursued. It’s also unclear when pranksters became so industrious and ambitious as to stage their own TV show in the dark of night.

Safe, but not sound, judgment

SOUTH JEFFCO — Maybe it was embarrassment, or maybe it was just forgetfulness, that led a 23-year-old man to put a box of condoms in his pocket and try to walk out of a South Jeffco King Soopers store June 10 without paying. The store’s theft prevention officer watched the man grab a 12-pack of Trojans, put them in his pocket, and walk out of the store. The suspect was quickly confronted and held in the store’s security office until a deputy arrived. The man waived his right to remain silent and explained that he had money to pay for the Trojans. He also explained he was not in the habit of stealing things, but even though he was aware that he was stealing, he did it anyway. The man was issued a summons for theft and released. He still wanted the prophylactics, and offered to pay for them the second time around. The security officer obliged, and the man left the store protected.