Trio arrested in six-state theft ring

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By The Staff

A theft ring targeting Target stores in several states reportedly was disrupted Tuesday after an arrest at the Target on West Bowles Avenue.

Deputies responded to a theft report at the store April 22, according to the Jeffco sheriff’s office. Store security took one male into custody and was seeking two additional suspects who left the store. Deputies found the other two suspects a short time later.

The suspects were identified as Amy M. May, 25, Jordon A. Debow 20, and Corey K. Cornwell, 23.

The sheriff believes all three suspects are part of a larger theft ring that originated in Iowa. Target’s corporate office alerted loss-prevention offices about the thefts. The ring is suspected in as many as 40 separate shoplifting incidents at Target stores in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

According to authorities, members of the group entered two different Target stores in Arvada on April 21 and selected a variety of DVD box sets valued at $160 to $190, and took the plastic wrap off the products to remove the security stickers. The items were then left in a specific location for another suspect to retrieve and place in a Target bag. The suspect then exited the store without purchasing the DVDs and without setting off the security alarm.

A similar theft was committed April 22 at the Target where the three people were arrested. The same method was used at Target stores in the six states.

The suspects were being held on charges of serial theft, theft by receiving and aggravated motor vehicle theft, and each has a $25,000 bond.