Twitter posts leave school board member offended

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Williams disturbed by social media conversation between PTA president, vice president

By Daniel Laverty

School board member Julie Williams announced at last Tuesday’s meeting that she was offended by recent tweets from two Jeffco PTA members.

Williams referred to a social media conversation that took place Jan. 30 between Jeffco PTA president and former school board member Michele Patterson and PTA vice president Shawna Fritzler. 

On Jan. 30, the board was discussing which member should represent the board on the Jeffco PTA board. Patterson (@mmcpatt) and Fritzler (@DLMomofMorgan) had a conversation during and after the meeting.

@mmcpatt: “Williams has publicly stated she dislikes PTA, it shouldn’t be her.”

@DLMomofMorgan: “probably not. I’m too liberal. Cleaning my guns tonight …”

@mmcpatt: “Will you teach me to shoot? ;)”

@DLMomofMorgan: “Sure!”

Another parent responded to the conversation and voiced her disapproval, tweeting: “No No No. That’s a don’t-go-there area, not even for jokes. Especially after what might have happened on Monday.”

The parent was referring to the student at Standley Lake High School who set himself on fire in the school’s cafeteria Jan. 27. He died Feb. 9.

Patterson’s “Will you teach me to shoot? ;)” tweet has been deleted. 

E-mails to Patterson and Fritzler were not returned by press time.

“We already have enough to worry about with the cyber-bullying going on among our students,” Williams said in a statement. “This type of behavior is immature and is not the type of example we want to be for our children.

“I’ll be first to tell you that every law-abiding person should be able to conceal and carry at all times in order to protect themselves and those around them,” Williams’ statement continued. “But I’m extremely disappointed that our PTA president and vice president were joking in such a threatening manner, especially while using district-owned social media platforms.”

The Twitter handles of Fritzler and Patterson are personal accounts and are not operated by the district.

Williams said she found out about the tweets on Feb. 7. 

The school board met Feb. 8 to have a discussion about the district’s budget, but the meeting was cut short after district security requested it be adjourned. Security was concerned after the crowd of more than 250 became unruly after Superintendent Cindy Stevenson announced her early departure.

Williams said she placed a call to Westminster police and gave a statement of her concerns.

“When the new majority was told to leave for safety reasons, I felt that maybe I need to be a little more concerned,” Williams said.


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