Windshield goes to watery grave

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By The Staff

SOUTH JEFFCO — A South Jeffco woman was the victim of a drive-by water balloon attack last week that left her spirit rattled and her windshield cracked. She told deputies that she was driving east on Quincy Avenue at about Carr Street when an unknown object hit her windshield. She saw a gray car heading the other direction and tried to follow it but soon lost it in the neighborhood. She pulled her car over and asked a woman to call 911. As she was waiting for deputies, the suspect's car drove by again, and the woman's husband gave chase. He located the car parked on the street a short time later and led deputies to the water balloon assailants. The two 17-year-old boys said they knew why the deputies had come for them, and soon called their parents to join them. They were informed that their efforts broke the woman's windshield and earned them each a summons for criminal mischief.

GPS game branches out

SOUTH JEFFCO — In the cloak-and-dagger world of GPS location games, innocent bystanders often become suspicious when a strange person is seen hiding a package and another strange person comes to pick that package up. Such was the case May 22 when a South Jeffco man reported people leaving a strange package in a tree in the corner of a park at South Hoyt Street and Swathmore Drive. Soon after the person left the package, another person came by and appeared to be taking something out of the tree. When deputies investigated the strange package tied to a tree branch, they discovered it was a package in a worldwide game known as Geocashe in which players try to find hidden packages using GPS devices. The deputies informed the concerned bystander that it was a game and that no criminal activity had occurred. They then used their GPS devices in their patrol cars to head to the next call.