• Scientific visions: Local artist looks to the stars for inspiration

    Though stargazing is often associated with daydreaming, looking to the skies has become a very useful practice for local artist Michael Carroll.

    A writer, painter and digital artist, Carroll finds joy in the cosmos, a place where, for him, creativity and science collide. His most recent project, a book called “Space Art: How to Draw and Paint Planets, Moons, and Landscapes of Alien Worlds,” is a means of sharing his passion. In it is insight into drawing sparse, unfamiliar environments, and there’s even a little science mixed in as well.

  • Special treats for special friends

    The glass case is filled with treats that any furry elf would be happy to see on Christmas morning.

    There are cookies shaped like Santa hats, complete with red-and-white frosting and a paw print on the tassel, or the soft mini-cupcakes that come in red or green with sprinkles on top.

    But, appetizing as they are, the holiday goodies are not for people. They’re for our four-legged friends.

    “And they smell good, too,” said Dawn Olson, owner of Laund-Ur-Mutt. “They’re carob coated.”

  • Clean paws and helpful dogs: Laund-Ur-Mutt's holiday tree supports service dog training

    Each ornament adorning the tall Christmas tree at Laund-Ur-Mutt serves as a reminder that, for some, dogs are more than man’s best friend.

    The centerpiece of the Ken-Caryl business’ retail floor contains a couple dozen ornaments, each bearing the picture of a recently adopted dog. But these pups aren’t destined for life as ordinary pets. Rather, they are training for a life of service to the disabled.

    “What I like about it is, it helps pets, but it also helps people,” said Dawn Olson, owner of Laund-Ur-Mutt.

  • Yearbook class collects $1,000 for diapers to moms in need

    Sometimes it’s the simplest — or most basic — needs that go overlooked.

    A group of eighth-grade yearbook students at Falcon Bluffs Middle School sought to help others during the holidays. While they could have done a canned food or clothing drive, the students settled on something often overlooked in the spirit of giving: diapers.

    The end result was about $1,000 in diapers donated to mothers through Catholic Charities.

    “We got the idea on a Friday, and we had all the posters and everything up on Tuesday,” said Samantha Tilson.

  • Bowles' big churches preach universal message

    A sure sign that faith perseveres through even the most difficult times is to examine the churches a community can sustain. In South Jeffco, two churches in particular remain easy to find while driving along West Bowles Avenue toward the foothills.

    WaterStone Community Church and West Bowles Community Church position themselves as nondenominational Christian hubs that fill a role in the community as well as for their parishioners.

  • Tipsy's rising as a monument to barley, hops and spirits

    Rising like a cathedral at the base of the Dakota Ridge, Tipsy’s Liquor World will soon be a destination for those who seek blessing from a different type of spirit.

    Billed as Colorado’s largest single liquor store, Tipsy’s is impossible to miss at West Bowles Avenue and South Alkire Street. The retailer stands to become a landmark in the still-developing C-470 Corridor.

  • Bistro Magia brings European Flair

    Sharing some tapas, enjoying a bottle of European wine and relaxing to live jazz music on a Saturday night. European style.

    Such an experience is what the Wilkins family imagined when it opened Bistro Magia at 5925 Zang St. in South Jeffco.

    “The tapas concept is really a social thing,” said Frank Wilkins, who opened Bistro Magia with his wife, Sharon. “Just taking your time, relaxing and just taking a minute out of everyone’s day so you can just relax.”