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  • Former county commissioner Congrove dies

    Former Jeffco commissioner Jim Congrove, a sometimes-controversial Republican who served a single term in the county, died Jan. 10 due to heart failure.

    Congrove, a former police officer who served terms in the state House and Senate prior to election as a commissioner in 2004, opted not to run for re-election in 2008. During his time as a commissioner, Congrove was appointed chairman of the Board of Commissioners and chairman of the law enforcement authority board.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Rubbish report

    WEST BURGUNDY DRIVE — The Good News: While he was away at work Dec. 28, the three trash can-loads of garbage he left at the curb were removed. The Bad News: The three trash cans were also removed. The Financial News: His trash-haulers accept no liability for the boosted barrels. News Analysis: He suspects the cans are still in the neighborhood, but doesn’t know which of his neighbors is the hood.


  • Greater roadrunner a great find for birders

    An unusual visitor has for months been leaving diminutive footprints next to the massive famed Iguanodon track fossils on Dinosaur Ridge.

    A greater roadrunner, whom museum staff has named Rascal, was first spotted in early fall, at least 130 miles from the terrestrial bird’s nearest known habitat. The sighting, which has since spurred numerous confirmations by enthusiastic local birdwatchers, prompted Colorado groups to issue rare-bird alerts.

  • Two men sought in connection with New Year’s robbery at Safeway

    The Sheriff’s Office is searching for two men in connection with a New Year’s Day armed robbery at a local Safeway store.


    Two men entered the store at 12442 W. Ken Caryl Ave. at 10 p.m. Jan. 1, when no customers were in the store. The men asked to speak with a store manager and then allegedly brandished a gun and demanded money, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release sent Jan. 11.

    After obtaining cash, the two men left the store on foot, police said, adding that no injuries occurred during the incident.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    In the slide zone

  • Woman sought in attempted heist at pharmacy

    The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is searching for a woman in connection with an attempted oxycodone robbery from a local Walgreens on Monday.

    A woman entered the store at 5870 S. Kipling Parkway shortly before 1 a.m. and handed a pharmacist a note that reportedly read, “Give me oxycodone,” the Sheriff’s Office said. No witnesses reported seeing a weapon, though the woman kept her hands in her pockets.

  • Jeffco annoyed at Golden’s non-cooperation with parkway plan

    The Jefferson County commissioners took several minutes during a public hearing on Jan. 3 to blast Golden officials over a recent failure to reach a transportation agreement crucial to the eventual construction of the Jefferson Parkway.

  • Littleton approves fire-services agreement

    Littleton approved a new fire-services agreement Jan. 3 with the city’s fire protection district and with Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District, increasing the frequency with which it provides emergency medical services and slightly decreasing the administrative fees it charges the entities.

  • Jeffco adjusts precinct lines in time for GOP caucuses on Feb. 7

    Jefferson County approved new election precincts last week for its 388,249 registered voters, cutting the number of precincts from 324 to 260.

    The measure, which Jeffco is hailing as a cost saving, was necessary in the wake of statewide congressional redistricting and legislative reapportionment through new maps approved last month by the Colorado Supreme Court.

  • Jeffco credit rating improves

    Jefferson County’s credit outlook improved slightly last month following a review by Moody’s Investors Service of Aaa-rated government agencies.

    Though Jeffco retained its current Aaa rating, which is the highest possible score, its outlook improved from “negative” to “stable.” Two days after Moody’s assigned a negative outlook to the U.S. government’s Aaa rating last August, it did the same for all Aaa-rated local governments linked to the federal government.