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  • Dahlkemper is new school board president

    Newly elected Jeffco school board members Jill Fellman and Lesley Dahlkemper took the oath of office Nov. 10, nine days after voters selected them over challengers Jim Powers and Preston Branaugh.

  • Eastwood gets 18 months on gun charge, but won't serve additional jail time

    Deer Creek Middle School shooter Bruco Eastwood was sentenced Thursday morning to 18 months in jail for bringing a gun onto school grounds, time he will not serve after having already been in custody for 626 days.

    Judge Christopher Munch ordered that Eastwood be remanded to the custody of the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, where he will remain until psychiatrists deem him safe to return to the community, if ever.

  • Bar fight at local watering hole results in three arrests

    The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is planning to cite 10 people involved in a wild bar fight Nov. 6 at the Mirage Sports Bar that ended with five hospitalizations and three arrests.

    Though the three people arrested have since been released from custody, the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident to determine what charges should be filed against whom.

  • Commissioners vote to allow short-term rentals

    The Jefferson County commissioners voted 2-1 Tuesday to allow short-term vacation rentals on 1-acre or larger properties. Each rental home will require approval of the Board of Adjustment and oversight of the Planning and Zoning Division.

    The lone no vote came from Commissioner Faye Griffin, who also voted against the proposal almost two years ago. Commissioners Don Rosier and John Odom voted in favor of allowing short-term rentals (fewer than 30 days’ stay) on the condition that most of the restrictions suggested by the planning commission stay in place.

  • Jefferson County to help fund playgrounds at two Foothills parks

    Jefferson County plans to provide $150,000 for two Foothills Park & Recreation District playgrounds next year at Chief Colorow Park in South Jeffco and Jim Hoida Memorial Park in Denver.

    County Commissioner Don Rosier suggested the county use $75,000 each for the two parks, which will come from Jeffco’s Conservation Trust Fund. The South Jeffco commissioner made the recommendation after volunteering to help install a new playground at Powderhorn Park, a one-day volunteer operation that he called well orchestrated and impressive.

  • Student mentors make learning add up

    Chatfield High School senior Stuart Farris stands by a desk at which a girl several years younger stares down at a slope y-intercept equation, the end of her pencil oscillating back and forth and her eyebrows pressed into a perplexed geometric shape.

    Placing a hand on the work surface, the Colorado School of Mines-bound student asks if she could use a nudge in the right direction. She nods, and Farris sits down, working with her for the better part of an hour on Nov. 3, making sure the basic algebra concepts stick.

  • Political newcomer Neville picked to fill vacant state Senate seat

     A Republican vacancy committee on Nov. 3 appointed South Jeffco resident Tim Neville to succeed state Sen. Mike Kopp, who announced his resignation from District 22 last month.

    Neville, who was vying for the seat along with current House District 28 Rep. Jim Kerr, won by only two votes. Among the 118 votes cast in the Ken Caryl Ranch House by the district’s Republican central committee, 60 voted for Neville and 58 voted for Kerr.

  • Fellman, Dahlkemper elected to school board

    Jeffco school board candidates Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman claimed victories Nov. 1in two key races that had the potential to determine the board’s overall philosophical makeup.

    With 133,527 ballots cast in the county, the turnout on Election Day, 50.93 percent, was Jeffco’s third largest in an odd-year election, deputy of elections Josh Liss said.

    Dahlkemper and Fellman led opponents Jim Powers and Preston Branaugh by about 12 percentage points and 21 percentage points, respectively.

  • Banner signs win permanent approval

    Jeffco businesses are now allowed to advertise on banners and sandwich boards, under a permanent zoning amendment approved on Tuesday by the county commissioners.