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  • South Jeffco schools lockout lifted

    Stony Creek Elementary School was evacuated today around 1:20 p.m. after staff contacted the police about a suspicious man entering the school to use the bathroom.

    Though 25 South Jeffco schools were also placed on lockout, meaning no one could enter or exit the buildings, the information causing the increased security was apparently unsubstantiated.

    “Some guy entered Stony Creek to use the bathroom,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Techmeyer. “There’s no criminal act. We are disassociating ourselves from it.”

  • Lockout lifted at South Jeffco schools

    Stony Creek Elementary School was evacuated Thursday about 1:20 p.m. after staff contacted police about a suspicious man entering the school.

    The man, who was carrying a backpack, walked into the school without checking in at the main office, said district spokeswoman Lynn Setzer. After being contacted by staff, the man said he needed to relieve himself, she added, and he was escorted to the faculty’s restroom.

  • Explosives found in Southwest Plaza

    Police evacuated Southwest Plaza mall Wednesday and uncovered a pipe bomb and two propane tanks at the site of a small fire inside the shopping center.

    Late Wednesday, the Jeffco Sheriff's Office provided images of a "person of interest" in the incident. The man, who appears to be of middle age or older, is seen entering a back stairwell through a door. The man wore a baseball hat and a striped shirt, and he was carrying a grocery bag.

    The mall reopened Thursday.

  • No classes today at Columbine High School

    Classes were canceled today at Columbine High School in observance of the anniversary of the 1999 shootings. Teachers are using the day for staff development purposes.

    Extracurricular activities, such as the spring play rehearsal and cheerleader and pompom tryouts, are still scheduled.

    Twelve students and teacher Dave Sanders died in the attack on the school by gunmen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

  • Jeffco, Boulder poised to sign pact on Jefferson Parkway


    Jeffco and Boulder were poised to sign a major agreement on the Jefferson Parkway on Tuesday, apparently having resolved a squabble over an opposition letter Boulder sent in February to the secretary of the interior.

    If the entities approve the intergovernmental agreement, Jeffco will effectively use $5 million in Open Space funds to buy Boulder’s cooperation on the toll road, the construction of which it has long resisted. The money would be used to help acquire 640 acres of land in Rocky Flats that would eventually become a wildlife refuge.

  • California coach arrested in Jeffco on luring charge

    A California volleyball coach was arrested April 8 in Jefferson County on suspicion of Internet luring of a child.

    Kyle Kvasnicka, 30, who was the head coach of the women’s volleyball team at Concordia University in Irvine, Calif., is suspected of sending numerous sexually explicit messages to an undercover investigator posing as a 15-year-old girl.

  • Music fest coming to Botanic Gardens in August

    A multi-genre music festival featuring the rock band Everclear is expected to attract 5,000 concertgoers this summer at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, and the promoter is already planning to hold the event annually.

    The Rocky Mountain Music Festival, scheduled to make its debut Aug. 28, will feature at least 19 rock, blues and country bands on three stages.

  • Former state representative Witwer named to state reapportionment commission

    Boundaries for Colorado’s 35 state Senate and 65 state House districts are being redrawn this year, and former state Rep. Rob Witwer will be holding one of the pencils.

    Witwer, an Evergreen native who served in the state House from 2005 to 2009, was appointed last week by House Speaker Frank McNulty to the 11-member commission.

    Redistricting of state legislative boundaries takes place every decade, following the U.S. Census. Districts are drawn to reflect population changes, with each district ideally having about the same number of residents.

  • Loss of teachers among concerns at budget forum

    The elimination of scores of teaching positions and the potential demise of the Outdoor Lab program were among concerns raised April 16 by a small group of constituents at a Jeffco Public Schools budget forum in South Jeffco.

    Board of Education member Paula Noonan and school staff fielded questions at Columbine High School about the district’s budget, which faces cuts of nearly $40 million in the coming academic year. Jeffco’s reliance on temporary classroom buildings and the use of instructional coaches were also of concern to attendees.

  • D’Evelyn teacher arrested in connection with photos of female students

    A D’Evelyn High School music teacher was arrested April 15in connection with photos taken of female students.

    Matthew Taylor, who teaches instrumental music and coaches the school’s marching band, was scheduled to appear in Jefferson County court on April 16 at 10 a.m.
The Sheriff’s Office arrested Taylor, 38, on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact, a misdemeanor, in connection with photos that allegedly contain inappropriate images of clothed students.