Local News

  • Library porn filters to be in place Sept. 1

    Internet filters to block pornography will be activated on Sept. 1 on all Jeffco Public Library computers, though different standards will be used in controlling content on machines accessed by adults and children.
    Computers used by adult patrons will filter only images deemed pornographic, while those used by children will block websites in their entirety, said Steve Endicott, library information-technology director. Entire sites will also be blocked on computers accessing the library’s wireless signal, regardless of the age of the user, he said.

  • New community corrections facility considered

    A new $17 million community corrections facility is being considered to replace Jefferson County’s existing 105-year-old building, which county officials said Aug. 23 is crumbling and could be pushed to capacity in coming years.

    Currently, both men and women are housed in the 32,000-square-foot community corrections facility at 1651 Kendall St. in Lakewood, the operations of which are administered by Intervention Community Corrections Services, a private nonprofit.

  • School board considers tying teacher pay to performance

    The Jeffco school board is considering adding performance metrics to its employee compensation system, a measure that, if approved, could take effect in as little as a year.

    Currently, the district provides teachers with raises based on length of work experience and level of education, a practice that school board member Laura Boggs said could conflict with recently passed state legislation.

  • Munsigner appointed as chief judge

    Jefferson County District Judge Stephen M. Munsinger will replace on Sept. 1 outgoing Judge R. Brooke Jackson as the 1st Judicial District’s chief judge.

    Colorado Supreme Court Justice Michael L. Bender made the appointment, which was necessary because of Jackson’s recent appointment to the federal bench.

  • Commissioners don’t say no to short-term rentals

    The Jeffco commissioners rejected Aug. 23 the county planning commission’s recommendation against allowing short-term vacation rentals.

    The issue is being sent back to the planning commission and will likely be heard at its Oct. 5 hearing. The commission is now being asked to develop a definition of short-term rentals and to edit the county planning staff’s revision to the zoning resolution.

  • McCasky investigation could take months

    A Colorado Independent Ethics Commission investigation into former Jeffco county commissioner Kevin McCasky’s hiring by the Jefferson Economic Council could stretch out for months, the group’s president said Aug. 26, despite having been under way since June.

    The commission has so far served at least one subpoena and has interviewed county officials, economic council members and others.

  • Poor economy puts pressure on Foothills Animal Shelter

    If foreclosures and high unemployment weren’t ample evidence of a recession, the animals coming into Foothills Animal Shelter might be.

    Facing hard times, many pet parents are having trouble footing vet bills and keeping food bowls full. Consequently the shelter, which celebrated its first year of operation this month, is seeing more paws coming through the front door, and animals are overall in worse health than they were only a year ago.

  • County set to purchase property for public health campus

    The Jeffco commissioners were poised Aug. 23 to approve the $2.3 million purchase of a Lakewood property onto which two of the county’s public health campuses would be relocated.

    The building, at 645 and 655 Parfet St., would also require more than $2 million in remodeling, a cost the commissioners were also slated to approve. Including a 30 percent contingency fee, the total cost of the move would total more than $5 million.

  • County commissioners balk at closing library branches

    The Jefferson County Public Library presented its exhaustive zero-base budget last week to the county commissioners, making a case for funding that would help prevent branch closures but could deplete the system’s reserves in several years.

  • DUI sign goes AWOL in South Jeffco

    A thief made off with an unlikely prize this week in South Jeffco — a massive DUI warning sign the Colorado Department of Transportation had placed on a trailer.
    The rolling billboard was likely stolen between 9:30 p.m. Aug. 18 and 8:15 a.m. the following morning, the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office said. The trailer and sign were placed near the intersection of West Chatfield Avenue and South Garrison Street.