Local News

  • School board a study in dysfunction

    Approving a nearly $1 billion annual budget, evaluating schools for potential closure and facing ceaseless rebuke from frustrated parents are all challenges facing the Jeffco school board. But the board’s biggest hurdle seems to be overcoming its own dysfunction.

  • County proposes upgrades to crosswalk where girl was injured

    Jeffco officials are proposing $20,000 in safety improvements following a months-long traffic study of the crosswalk near Dakota Ridge High School where student Dallas Vosburg was injured last October.

  • Engineering teamwork

    When Dakota Ridge High School graduate Abe Ng approached a teacher about establishing a competitive robotics team, he probably didn’t expect the program to be flourishing six years later.

    Ng, now a graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines, also had no idea he would find himself back in the same laboratory using his electrical engineering expertise to guide students through the programming of a complex array of light sensors on an autonomous robot.

  • Water line ruptures, floods some county offices

    A water line rupture caused by subzero temperatures closed Jeffco’s administrative offices Feb. 4 at the county courts and administration building, though all offices were expected to reopen on Monday.

    A crack in a 2-inch-diameter pipe above the county attorney’s office on the building’s fifth floor was noticed about 6 p.m. Feb. 3, after a steady stream of water had begun to flood offices on all floors of the administrative wing.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Where there’s smoke …

  • Pine beetle sickens 400,000 acres of forest in 2010

    The area affected by the mountain pine beetle grew by 400,000 acres in 2010, a decrease of 24 percent compared to the 524,000 acres infested in 2009, according to the latest aerial survey by the U.S. Forest Service and the Colorado State Forest Service. The results were released Jan. 21.

    Since the first signs of the outbreak appeared in 1996, the pine beetle has destroyed a total of 4 million acres of forest in Colorado and southern Wyoming. The lodgepole forests in counties such as Summit and Grand have been hit the worst.

  • Jeffco Open Space Division looks ahead to tighter belt


    Over the next 10 years, cities and special districts can expect to get less grant money from the Jefferson County Open Space Division as the agency faces the reality of a not unexpected, but substantially diminished, nest egg.

    A large portion of the $160 million in bond money authorized in 1998 to fund acquisitions has been spent, meaning there is a lot less available for buying up raw land.

  • Foothills golf director pleads guilty to violating protection order

    An assault charge against Foothills Park & Recreation District golf director Tom Woodard was dropped earlier this month, though the former PGA player pleaded guilty Jan. 5 to a misdemeanor charge of violating a protection order.

    The recreation district is not planning disciplinary action against Woodard, who was arrested twice last June in connection with an alleged assault against his wife and the violation of a protection order.

  • Teens tackle tough questions at Science Bowl

    Hundreds of teens from around the state descended on Dakota Ridge High School on Jan. 29, pitting their math- and science-saturated brains against one another at the 21st annual Colorado Science Bowl.

    Students in teams of four or five faced off in short rounds, having mere seconds to calculate the area of a sphere, find the dielectric constant in a vacuum, and recite the functions of a cell nucleus.

  • Robberies double in Jeffco in 2010

    Robberies in Jefferson County more than doubled in 2010, an increase the Sheriff’s Office attributes in part to crime rampages led by small groups of bandits.

    There were 29 robberies last year, including everything from purse snatching to holdups at gunpoint. Only 14 robberies were reported in 2009.

    But overall, crime in Jeffco fell 4 percent last year, the Sheriff’s Office reported. There were 8,228 reported crimes in 2010, compared to 8,563 in 2009.