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  • Sheriff’s Office graduates detention deputies

     The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office graduated its first class of department-certified detention deputies Friday afternoon at the county courthouse in Golden.

    Thirteen deputies graduated from the nine-week academy. They will receive 10 more weeks of practical field training at the Jeffco jail. The graduates’ duties will be exclusive to the detention function.


    School district purchases middle schoolers artwork

    A three-dimensional, fused glass sculpture created last year by Evergreen Middle School eighth-graders has been purchased by Jeffco Public Schools for display in the district’s superintendent’s office.

    Announced April 4, the purchase involves a piece of artwork titled, “Pentagonal Pangea,” and was created by students in art teacher Ann Simpson’s class and under the guidance of Evergreen artist David Cuin.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Inspired by the Home Shop-lifting Network

  • Working his magic

    Rob Hansen knows how to entertain a crowd.

    That was certainly evident as screams and cheers of delight echoed through the Bemis Library on March 28.

    “Magic is my most favorite thing to do,” the magician animatedly told a packed room.

  • District accountability committee members divided on teacher wage boost

    Jeffco Public Schools’ plan to put up to $25 million in its budget next year for employee compensation boosts has drawn ire from three District Accountability Committee members, who believe the school district is being financially irresponsible.

    However, the majority of the committee supports the proposal, DAC chair Deb Guiducci told the school board March 23.

  • Bail project deemed a failure

    Many of Jeffco’s top law enforcement officials think the county’s bail project and the 2011 implementation of unsecured bonds in the 1st Judicial District is a bust, and they’re not hiding their feelings from colleagues located throughout the country.

  • Morrison police officer, son recognized for spotting fire

    When Josh Hunter’s 4-year-old son said he saw smoke in the distance on a chilly morning in early December, the Morrison police officer shrugged it off. That’s because, typically, the “smoke” turns out to be steam coming from pipes on cold mornings.

    But Derek Hunter insisted.

    As Josh glanced over his shoulder, expecting to confirm his initial thoughts, he realized his son was right.

  • Military workshop provided glimpse at post-school options

    It’s not often that soon-to-be high school graduates have the opportunity to experience a workshop dedicated solely to the military and protective services.

    But recently Columbine High School provided just that to Jeffco students and their families when the school partnered with Generation Schools Network, representatives from each branch of the military and members of local protective service education programs.

  • Mirada Fine Art opens exhibit, receives award

    A new collaborative exhibit at Mirada Fine Art Gallery in Indian Hills aims to provide solace and connectivity in the wake of a tense election season.
    Each piece in the exhibit, called “Calm in the Storm,” demonstrates the artist’s personal interpretation of calmness and peacefulness.

  • New car wash hopes to bring a different experience

    Chad Roach and Aaron Voorhees might own a car wash, but they like to say they’re in the people industry instead.

    “We just happen to wash people’s cars,” Roach said.

    Their latest venture, Living Water Car Wash, opened Monday in South Jeffco. It is a project nearly three years in the making.