Today's News

  • Roxborough State Park announces 58-acre land purchase

    Roxborough State Park purchased 58 acres of land last month, an acquisition that apparently will ease fears that an area surrounded by park land would eventually be developed.

    The land, which is in the south-central region of the park and sits more than a mile from the visitor center, is unlikely to see many changes. Though buildings will not be constructed on the land, a new trail that would connect the land to the nearby Carpenter Peak Trail may be built in the future.

  • Park district selling 30 acres of land

    The Foothills Park & Recreation District recently placed more 30 acres of land up for sale, hoping to net $4.5 million for capital-improvement projects and other expenses.

    The five South Jeffco parcels, which the district calls “surplus land,” have not been slated for park development for various reasons. Most of the parcels are near existing parks, and several sit next to busy intersections, which would make accessibility difficult if parks were to be developed, Foothills executive director Ron Hopp said.

  • DA’s office arrests Arizona teacher on Internet child-exploitation charge

    The Jeffco district attorney’s office arrested an Arizona teacher on July 11 on suspicion of Internet child exploitation.

    Eighth-grade science teacher Justin Ray Sargent, 33, is accused of contacting a DA’s employee who was posing as a 15-year-old girl in an online chat room. According to an arrest affidavit, Sargent sent a number of sexually explicit messages and repeatedly asked the supposed teen for nude photos.

  • Man faces charges in gun incident outside The Edge

    The man suspected of brandishing a gun July 7 outside The Edge Ice Arena was charged last week with five felony counts, including a charge of first-degree kidnapping, the district attorney’s office said.

    Charles Belter appeared in court July 14. He faces additional charges of stalking, felony menacing, automobile trespassing, violation of a protective order and child abuse not resulting in injury, the DA’s office said. Belter’s next court hearing is slated for July 25, when a preliminary hearing will be scheduled.

  • Mental-health evaluation again shows Eastwood mentally ill

    Results of an additional evaluation of Deer Creek Middle School shooting suspect Bruco Eastwood consistently indicate he suffered from mental illness, a conclusion prosecutors contend was not the case when he allegedly shot two students in February 2010.

  • Neighbors say damage from driving range is out of bounds

    Several South Jeffco residents are teed off at the management of a local driving range that they say has failed to prevent errant golf balls from flying into yards and breaking windshields.

    The Deer Creek Golf Club hasn’t maintained its massive nets along the south side of the range, and hundreds of balls land in front yards every year, residents say.

    Years ago, neighbors might have complained about the nets’ visual presence — the view to the north is occluded by the weatherworn fabric and imposing, 50-foot-tall metal posts.

  • Chatfield swim beach reopens

     Chatfield State Park reopened its swim beach Thursday, after water tests indicated bacterial levels had returned to safe limits.

    The park closed its swim beach Wednesday due to high levels of E. coli in the water. The closure was the second in less than two weeks.

  • Woman sues Jeffco deputy over alleged rights violation

    A Golden woman filed a lawsuit July 16 against a Jeffco deputy and a Colorado School of Mines campus police officer, alleging her Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures were violated when the pair entered her home to serve a harassment summons.

  • WEDDING: Baumgarten – Nickerson

    Brian Baumgarten and Elsa Nickerson were married on June 10. 
    Brian is a 2007 graduate of Columbine High School, and Elsa is from Atlanta, Ga. They were married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple, and a reception was held in their honor that evening in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
    The couple will be living in Provo, Utah, where Brian is attending Brigham Young University. Elsa recently graduated from BYU.

  • Reconciliation key to big solutions

    In a recent radio interview, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger made an interesting point about how polarized our politics have become. I’m paraphrasing here, but Kissinger’s idea is essentially that positive changes in society are achieved only through moments of reconciliation, not conflict. It seems clear he views the partisan environment as a major obstacle to the continued success of America.
    So how can we get to a point of reconciliation? And are we so polarized that reconciliation is no longer possible?