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  • Peril at the pumps: Gas station skimmers on the rise in South Jeffco

    With reports of skimmers at South Jeffco gas stations on the rise, the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is warning people to be alert at the pump.

     “(A skimmer is) a device that criminals put on card readers from the inside that collects the credit card information,” said Jenny Fulton, spokeswoman with the sheriff’s office. “Then they use that information to clone the credit cards.”

  • Morrison set to phase trail project

    The town of Morrison is moving forward with plans to build a trail down Highway 8 despite being denied a grant for the project by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

    Though the $190,000 project was budgeted for this year, Town Administrator Kara Winters said it’s unlikely to be completed in its entirety this year without the help of the grant money. Instead, she says the town will complete the project in phases.

    Winters and the town board hope the trail will one day provide a safer pathway through the town.

  • South Jeffco lawmaker’s free speech bill passes

    A South Jeffco lawmaker hopes a recently passed bill will better protect students’ right to freedom of speech on public college campuses.

    The bill, which officially passed on March 22, prohibits free speech zones at public institutions of higher education. It also stops a public university from limiting or restricting student expression in a student forum.

  • Milking it for all it's worth

    On a sunny Saturday in late March, hordes of children run down the dirt path leading to the 1890s farm at the Littleton Museum.

    They line up with excitement around the wooden fence that houses June the Jersey cow. Some sit atop their parents’ shoulders; others climb and peek their head through the slits of the fencing, hoping to catch a glimpse of June while they waited for the first of two cow-milking demonstrations.

  • Keeping the spirit of reading alive and well

    John Newkirk

  • Gorsuch deserves Senate confirmation

    Donald Trump should not have been able to nominate a Supreme Court justice in the opening days of his presidency. It was unconscionable that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues didn’t give Merrick Garland a hearing where he would have proven that he was imminently qualified to serve on the high court and earned confirmation.

  • Foothills adaptive swim wins grant

    The Foothills Park & Recreation District learned this week that it’s aquatics department was one of seven in the state to win a USA Swimming Foundation grant to benefit participants of its adaptive swim and play program.
    Kim Henderson, Aquatics supervisor for Foothills, said Wednesday that the park district doesn’t know yet how much money it will receive from USA Swimming or what criteria will be put in place by the organization. Foothills officials are expecting more information from USA Swimming by the end of the week.

  • Two teens injured but safe after illegally rock climbing at Red Rocks

    Two teenagers were injured Wednesday night while illegally rock climbing atop a cliff in Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

  • Relocation of dog park’s fenced-in area announced

    How does a government entity weigh the importance of providing residents the privilege of walking their dogs off-leash versus the rights of neighbors to have access to clean drinking water?

  • Sheriff's Calls: Blinded by the light