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    Legislator’s firearm leaves Capitol denizen feeling unsafe
    Where I enter the Colorado Capitol, there’s a “No Firearms” sign and a metal detector. But not for Rep. Jared Wright, who left his firearm unattended in a committee room on Feb. 6.

  • Dueling views OK; actual duels are not

    The recent party caucuses marked the beginning of the political season, which has its World Series in November. This may not be as exciting to most of us as opening day at Coors Field, but the first pitch has been thrown out for the political season.

  • Access to information nurtures democracy

    By Jeffrey A. Roberts
    “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”
    Louis Brandeis wrote these words a century ago, before his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, to note the power of publicity as a cure for “social and industrial diseases” like the inequities fostered by the corporate monopolies of his time.

  • Farewell to politics: The ‘fields’ beckon

    By Cheri Gerou

  • Our Readers Write

    Town hall was very informative
    I just attended the town hall given by state House candidate Mary Parker and have to say I learned so much about the Colorado legislative process and a citizen’s role in it.

  • Robert Gates’ ‘Duty’ a good read for all citizens

    By Jim Rohrer

    OK, I admit it: I can’t resist reading every single insider book that portends to explain the goings-on within our government. Most of us have strong opinions concerning the executive branch of our government powered by the simplistic rhetoric of Fox or MSNBC. We have become a group of “Monday-morning quarterbacks.” The Bush hate seemed to be unprecedented, until the Obama hate got into full swing.

  • State now ground zero in battle for Senate

    Talk about a game changer!

  • Our Readers Write

    Liberal school board members are the ones who lack transparency
    In response to Ms. Trasky’s letter: The only bully here is you, Ms. Trasky. The best interests of the school board and the children would be better served if Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman stop whining to anyone and everyone who will listen. It seems they deliberately vote against ANY proposals by the new board president.