Today's Opinions

  • Fear and loathing on local campaign trail

    If all politics is local, a phrase coined by former House speaker Tip O’Neill, then Colorado’s U.S. Senate race has come home to roost in the coverage areas of our three Jeffco newspapers.

    No less than three of the current 12 Republican candidates for the seat held by Democrat Michael Bennet hail from Jefferson County, and that trio’s political careers have been covered closely by our papers.

  • Constitutional conundrum may await voters

    It may well be up to us.

    The odd constitutional provisions that will have the state of Colorado issuing refunds to taxpayers at the same time as cuts have to be made to a variety of government programs in 2016 have long been a source of consternation. Over the last year, a variety of things have been discussed.


    Previous board’s approach to accountability panel flawed


    I applied for the Jeffco school district’s accountability committee. On Oct. 23, I received an e-mail thanking me for the application and saying the board had appointed members on Oct. 15.  


    Rosier wrong about source of terrorism


    In order to fight terrorism effectively, you must first understand it. Don Rosier displayed ignorance of the terrorist problem in his statement that “Iran is the largest exporter of terrorism in the world,” in the article announcing his U.S. Senate bid.

  • Residency requirement needed for officials

    It’s a little known fact that members of Congress don’t have to live in the districts from which they are elected. That’s not the case for school board members in Colorado.

    There was some question about the residency of candidate Regan Benson during the recent school board election in Jefferson County, but as it didn’t appear (or occur) that she would be a particularly viable candidate, the issue went away pretty quietly.


    Library trustees say thanks for tax boost


    As trustees for the Jeffco Public Library, we were thrilled with the recent positive election outcome. It’s gratifying and humbling to see the value county residents place on libraries and the trust you place in us.

    Your support of 1A will enable us to:

    • Expand library hours.

    • Provide more books and materials.

    • Update technology.

    • Repair and refurbish buildings.

    • Stabilize library finances.

  • A do and a don’t for the holiday season

    As we enter the holiday season, I’m thinking about a big do and a big don’t.

    The big do is Colorado Gives Day. In its five-year history, Colorado Gives has become the preferred way of making end-of-year charitable gifts for many people in our state. An initiative of the Community First Foundation and First Bank, Colorado Gives Day is an easy way to make contributions to more than 1,800 of our state’s nonprofit organizations.

  • Time for a lesson in conciliation

    The results in Tuesday’s school board recall were not surprising, but the vote margins were stunning: Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams were recalled with about 64 percent of the votes in a county where registrations are evenly split among Democrats, Republicans and independents.

    The three conservatives, who claimed their seats in the 2013 off-year election, were trounced at the polls in another off-year that saw an impressive turnout fueled entirely by Jeffco’s school district drama.