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    Support for the slate of five board hopefuls


    As an educator for the past 37 years, the local and national agendas that surround our school environments are near and dear to my heart. Thus, I feel compelled to convey the importance of the Jefferson County school board election.

  • A painful lesson: Jeffco’s third rail

    I’ve been planning for weeks to offer my thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Jeffco school district. And I’ve also been procrastinating for weeks. Of late, our politically polarized school system has become the third rail of local politics — touch it, and you die.

    A phone call last week from a loyal reader stirred me from my inertia (some would say cowardice). The gentleman raised several good questions about our recent coverage and, as a result, helped me organize my own thoughts. He should call daily.

  • Vote yes on tax increase for Jeffco library

    The last time the Jeffco Public Library saw a tax increase, the Internet was still a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. Nor had DVDs been invented. E-books? Forget it. “Portable” computers that didn’t result in a hernia? Surely you jest.

    In fact, the last time our library saw a boost in taxpayer support was some 29 years ago, and since then in Jefferson County, demand for services that the library offers has exploded:

    • The county’s population has grown by 130,000 people.


    School board majority should be lauded, not recalled


    Having seen several good companies driven into bankruptcy or demise by intransigent unions, as I have, shouldn’t we all congratulate Jeffco’s unjustly maligned school board for reaching a teachers contract agreement on time and within budget?

    Do you think that its new open-to-the-public negotiations helped?

  • End the uncertainty at Jeffco Schools

    The worst thing about the almost two years of turmoil that we’ve experienced in Jefferson County schools is that it’s been a continuing distraction from the school district’s most important responsibility — to educate the kids who live in this county. Anything that distracts teachers from focusing their energy on giving kids the best possible education is a major flaw that should be resolved as soon as possible.


    Be an informed voter in recall election


    Marion and Jim Dries wrote in a recent letter that folks should seek the truth before voting in the school board recall election. A very good way to do that would be to check out two websites: freedomforeducation.com and jeffcoeducationtruth.com.


    Safe storage, and where have the responsible gun owners gone?

  • Unlikely candidates gaining traction

    By Jim Rohrer/Columnist

    The political news is surprising as two unlikely candidates are soaring in the polls. Not many would expect a self-identified socialist to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president, but U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is gaining some traction. He trails her in a recent Iowa poll 52 percent to 33 percent. In New Hampshire, it’s 56 percent to 24 percent. No, he is not the front-runner, but his strong numbers are very surprising, and Clinton must be looking over her shoulder.