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    Powers-that-be unlikely to bite bullet
    If the elusive “Tea Party” wants more “vetting,” they will end up like Republicans and Democrats with Saturday conventions, otherwise known as pandering parties.

  • Legislature must foster job creation

    By Mike Kopp

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    Senate needs to pass House bills
    The House of Representatives, in this 111th session of Congress, has already passed 420 bills since January 2009 ­— that’s 420 bills waiting for authorization from the Senate leader. The Senate has refused to take up these House bills because they’ve been wary of a Republican filibuster.

  • Holiday’s true meaning not measured in sales 

    In the classic cartoon “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” Charlie Brown writes a letter to Santa as his sister, Sally, dictates. “Please note the size and color of each item,” she says, “and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: Just send money. How about tens and twenties?” Rolling his eyes in disgust, Charlie Brown laments the commercialism that has crept into Christmas.

  • Education: doorway to opportunity

    By Gov. Bill Ritter

  • Reject public funding for private schools

    By Randy Brown

    Let’s start with the most obvious problem: the math.
    Meet Mr. Smith, who has four children that he is sending to the private school of his choice. With public funding of private schools, his children will cost the taxpayers an estimated $4,000 for schooling per year. The actual numbers will be negotiated and argued about for years by proponents of school choice, but the concept will not change.

  • State’s budget writers in bind

    2011 will be one tough year for legislative budget writers in Colorado. To begin, they will face one of the toughest budget years in our state’s history. Add to that the fact that split control of the legislature means the Joint Budget Committee will be made up of three Republicans and three Democrats. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, the six members of the JBC will have three cumulative years of experience on the budget panel.

  • Our Readers Write

    Foothills district can’t afford raises for managers
    Foothills Park and Recreation District’s 2011 budget proposal is seeking a $225,000 increase in compensation for employees at the same time that it is planning cuts of $150,000 from the previous year’s expenditures. How does this make sense?