3 inspirations for Christmas dating, where and what to enjoy with your love? + TOP idea for your own original DIY advent calendar

The most beautiful and magical time of the year has begun. Illuminated streets, sparkling snow and the joyful anticipation of Christmas is a time made for love. Whether you are newly in love or in a long-term relationship, I bring you ideas for a (pre)Christmas date. This article can serve as an inspiration for using free time as a couple. If you’re out of ideas, make yourself some hot tea, sit down, and read on. When you are tired of visiting cafes, restaurants or the cinema, it will inspire you for cold days. In the article, I will show you three activities to spend time together in winter: skating, sauna and brunch. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to choose what interests them the most. Finally, I will also propose an idea for an original advent calendar for our loved ones. Top Diva.sk 5 golden tips for each of us: How and why not to fight at home this Christmas, expert reminds

During a visit to the Ice Kingdom

When was the last time you skated? An excellent choice for a date combined with physical activity is a skating rink and ice skating. It doesn’t matter if it’s artificial or natural. You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy this activity. All you need are some skates, which can be hired at many public rinks, and a bit of courage to try new ones. You are guaranteed to have lots of laughs. Exercising after sitting at the desk all day will definitely help. After a similar activity, the punch at the Christmas markets goes well. What if your partner doesn’t have sportsmanship? Try the beneficial power of the sauna. Photo gallery Try ice skating with your partner Source: istock

Sauna rituals that are sure to warm you up

The beneficial effects of heat have already been used by ancient peoples. Modern saunas therefore have deep roots in history. There are many professional articles confirming the health benefits of saunas. Kindergarten children often begin to use the sauna. And what better way to start than with two? There are different types of saunas. Steam, Finnish or herbs? Just choose yours and start slow. In addition to gaining energy, you will also experience an improvement in your immune system. The environment of wellness centers is usually beautifully equipped, they also have relaxation areas. Meditation music, aroma diffuser oil and soft lighting. Representing a sort of oasis of calm in a busy time. So why not make it a regular habit? However, if you or your partner suffer from high blood pressure or have heart problems (or any other illness), consult your doctor before going to the sauna. Compliance with the drinking regime is also very important when taking a sauna. You will certainly find several sauna options in your area. Photo gallery You and your partner can recharge your batteries by taking a sauna Source: istock

Brunch together or when love goes through the belly

Going to a cafe or restaurant for brunch is growing in popularity. How about making your own brunch at his place or yours? This idea is ideal for couples who are not yet living together. Thus, the weekend time spent together in the form of an increasingly popular brunch will be precious to them. If your partner is good at food preparation, agree on who will prepare the sweet treats and who will prepare the savory treats. Pancakes, French toast and waffles can be suitable for a sweet brunch. On the other hand, the omelet, the avocado toast or the stuffed tortillas are salty. For an extra dose of vitamins, you can also make a popular smoothie. Also play with the style, because “the eyes eat too”. Do not forget, for example, dried nuts or fruits. One option is to prepare the meals together and thus combine the pleasant with the useful. After all, how do you say? Love goes through the stomach!

A tip from me for a special advent calendar

Advent calendars already made waiting for Christmas more enjoyable for us in our childhood. In this case, we will exchange the chocolate reward for something more personal. If you have a creative and creative mind, try making the following advent calendar. What surprise is nicer than a handmade surprise? It will definitely be a nice gift. To make it, you need a jar of jam, which you can decorate for Christmas according to your own imagination. There are no limits to the imagination, you can, for example, paint it in an interesting way. You cut 24 small pieces of paper (one for each day until Christmas) on which you write what you appreciate most about your partner, or another lovely message. Fold the individual pieces of paper and place them in the prepared jam jar. The instruction will be for your partner to choose a piece of paper each day until Christmas. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you already try one or all three ideas, I think they will be successful. You can combine the sauna with a visit to the wellness center. For example, combine brunch with baking and decorating gingerbread cookies or playing board games. Winter and the Christmas season also give us space for beautiful romantic walks through the city or the snowy nature. We’ve already talked a lot about summer love, but how about making room for winter love? Diva.sk Don’t really believe it! The Worst Relationship, Dating, and Marriage Advice You Can Get

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