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D’Evelyn High School’s Angi Reed’s time on the court will suit her well beyond high school

By Alissa Noe

Every so often, a student-athlete comes around who perfectly embodies both aspects of that title. For D’Evelyn High School, senior Angi Reed checks all the boxes. 

For the past four years, Reed has found balance in multiple sports and academics, in which she comfortably holds a 4.33 grade-point average. Outside of the classroom, she plays softball, basketball and tennis.

“I like changing sports. I’m going to miss that (next year), going from one sport to the next, because you look forward to the next sport,” Reed said. “I figured out how to manage it.”

For her, athletics has alway been a family affair, starting with her parents.

“That’s what we did growing up, my sister too,” she said. “She did a lot of sports growing up. My dad played baseball and basketball in college, so we just always did that growing up.”

Last year, she helped her tennis team to a state title, something she lauds as one of her best sports memories in high school. 

Her biggest impact, however, has perhaps been on a different court, as she has served as a leader for basketball head coach Chris Olson’s squad for the past few years.

“First of all, she’s just a really great kid to be around — a lot of energy, really fun, personable, that kind of stuff. She’s just a good kid that way.

“She plays probably harder than almost anybody we’ve ever had play which this year, for example, is really good when you’ve got some young kids on the varsity that can see that,” Olson said. “She leads more by example than anything else. She’s not necessarily that rah-rah kid. She just says this is what I’m doing, and you guys better do it, too. She’s been great this year for that reason.”  

That, he said, has been a great asset to him.

“If you were in the gym, you wouldn’t be able to see the difference between a practice and a game with her. She works just as hard,” he said. “So from that standpoint, it just rubs off on kids. You have no choice playing with her but to play that way, too.”

Next year, she’ll head to Oregon Tech University to play basketball, which she believes is a perfect fit.

“The coach really showed a lot of interest in me, and when I was there, he already made me feel like I was part of the team,” Reed said. “Meeting the teammates there, everybody was getting along and it felt like a family atmosphere, which is what it’s like here. That was really important. My sister goes to school in Oregon, so that was a plus. It felt right.”

D’Evelyn, she thinks, has set her up for success in college and beyond.

“I think everything that I’ve learned here, balancing everything, I don’t think at another school I would have realized how important it was to use your time and everything wisely,” Reed said. “I think I’m prepared especially because I always have a sport in season that I’ll be used to the year-round basketball focus and not having much free time.”

Oregon Tech doesn’t know what’s coming.

“They have a really good program and that coach really likes her, and they can’t wait to get her — because she’s that kind of kid that’s immediately going to make the rest of the team better, whether she gets to see a bunch of court time or not the first year,” Olson said. “Her impact on the program will be felt immediately, because she’ll be pushing the starting practice.”