Artifacts of Chaos is postponed, but gets a new gameplay video –

As publisher Nacon and developer ACE Team announced, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos will not be released on February 9 as originally planned, but on March 9 of this year on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam and Epic Store. The exact reasons for this change were not given. Along with this change, a new gameplay trailer for the action spectacle was also released. This trailer is titled “Corwid Fight” and shows us a heated fight with a taller opponent. In the game, Nickname will face strange enemies. Everyone is free to adapt to the particular situations and abilities of their opponents by alternating between different martial arts. Before each fight, fans can also choose to challenge enemies with the Ritual, a board game that can bring advantages or disadvantages. Depending on the result of the ritual, the opponent’s movements are limited by a chain, you have to fight in a cloud of fog or a monster is summoned as an ally.

The Corwid Fight trailer

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