Bandai Namco Announces Shin Kamen Rider Ranbu SD for Nintendo Switch and PC

Bandai Namco has announced SD Shin Kamen Rider Ranbu for Nintendo Switch and PC. In the latest issue of Japanese Famitsu, March 23, 2023 is also a concrete release date for side-scrolling. An announcement for the West has not yet been made, but it is already known that there will also be a version with English support in Asia. Players will face the evil organization SHOCKER in the game. The setting is based on the upcoming Kamen Rider movie. No matter how many times the protagonist Takeshi Hongo is defeated, he always rises to fight for humanity! The goal is to provide varied action without stressing the players. You can strengthen your little SD riders with food, coins and badges. The appeal of the game should lie in the fights against members of the SHOCKER.

The first trailer:

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