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In a few days, Forspoken will be released and you will probably be curious too. The game has had a somewhat odd development history, including changes that are rumored not to be the fault of the game itself. In the meantime, a promotional video has unwittingly become a meme and there’s a lot of discussion on social media as to why it didn’t. receive all revision keys. “It’s extremely rare for us, so read what you like,” comments Andy Robinson of VGC. Square Enix and Sony – after all, Forspoken is a PS5 console exclusive – are doing their best to raise the hype. PlayStation announces that Forspoken was developed by the team behind Final Fantasy XV. And Square Enix releases the Accolades trailer, which actually captures post-launch press reviews, before launch. The voices: taken from the previews.

Big ambitions

Forspoken’s ambitions are enormous. Shortly after the announcement, the company wanted to deliver “the highest quality graphics in an open-world game.” The expensive Luminous Engine is in the game and Forspoken is created by Luminous Productions. The studio was only founded in 2018 and actually feeds off many former Final Fantasy XV developers, but the studio itself has a similar history to Forspoken. Just months after its founding, Hajime Tabata, who once put Final Fantasy XV back on track, left the studio. Square Enix has now invested five years in Luminous Productions, with Forspoken they actually wanted to reap the rewards. It was said that this was also the reason for the last postponement. The number of pre-orders did not match the ambitions. Is it true? It is unknown. In any case, Square Enix has been trying to change that for a few weeks. There was a lot of gameplay, in-depth information, and Forspoken was playable at press events and even public events.

Take a picture yourself

Finally, there is a demo playable on PlayStation 5. The popular motto: “Take a picture yourself first” can be put into practice here. Square Enix even gave the demo (!) a full update. You really give your all here. And yet, the great anticipation is lacking and, crucially, not only are reviews lacking (so far), but even many larger outlets are apparently lacking specimens as well. A red flag for many fans, many of whom are likely to set aside the 70 euro leap of faith shortly before release. the problem could be. will end. We called Forspoken a “promising adventure with stumbling blocks” in our preview – we were allowed a taste of it for three hours. The highlight for us: dynamic locomotion We will know by January 24, 2023 at the latest whether Forspoken will eventually stumble. We are curious.

The new Accolades trailer:

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