Bloober feels a lot of pressure and wants to stick to the story •

It took a long time, but now we officially know: Silent Hill 2 is getting a remake. Not every Silent Hill fan loves the fact that Bloober Team does this. In a new interview with Dread XP (via VGC), Chief Marketing Officer Anna Jasinska talks about the studio’s “dream project” According to Jasinska, Bloober Team has come out on top “against many other studios.” This makes her ecstatic, but “also worried”. Jasinska also reveals how it happened. In 2019, Konami invited the studio to the Tokyo Game Show and asked for a concept for a remake. “Of course, we weren’t the only contenders,” says Jasinska, but in the end, it was Bloober’s concept that “captured Konami’s heart.” Bloober’s commitment and passion for horror has been recognized. Of course, you feel honored. But what about Apprehension? “When it comes to Apprehension, yes, the pressure is on because we’re dealing with one of the best psychological horror games of all time. We want to stay true to the original and bring it to the fore over the next few years,” says Jasinska. According to Jasinska, a modernization would take place if necessary. When making changes, however, a “very safe approach” would be followed. Above all, you want to capture the atmosphere of the original. “Longtime fans shouldn’t worry that we’re going to miss the point,” Jasinska said. They want to redesign the gameplay and create the graphics from scratch. “Those are the reasons Konami hired us to do the remake in the first place.” Imaging: Silent Hill 2, Konami, Bloober Team

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