Budget preparation begins for Indian Hills

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By Deborah Swearingen

Budget talks have begun for Indian Hills Fire Rescue, and the fire department is expecting to bring in $48,314 more than it planned for in 2017.
In the first draft of its 2018 budget, Indian Hills has planned for a net income of $22,094. Last year, it budgeted a loss of $26,220. The substantial increase largely is due to increased property valuations, which will provide the department with a supplementary $30,572 in income.
The board first discussed its budget in a Sept. 27 meeting, noting some of the significant changes from 2017. An additional $3,000 will be spent on election expenses since the terms of three board members — Kelley Lehman, Marc Rosenberg and Ron Walton — will be up in May.
Fuel expenses are up for Indian Hills, and to compensate, the district budgeted $4,500 instead of $3,500.
“We are pushing the number so we figured we’d up that by a thousand there,” Rosenberg said. “As well as apparatus maintenance and repair. We upped that substantially by $5,000 because we’re having a lot of work done to the vehicles.
“They’re just getting older. As things get older, you put more money into working on them,” he added.
The district budgeted $20,000 for apparatus maintenance and repairs. Similarly, Indian Hills is allocating $25,000 for station improvements in anticipation that work may need to be done on the Parmalee Gulch Road fire station. It budgeted the same amount in 2017, but did not use any of the funds.
A public budget hearing will be held at the Nov. 15 board meeting.

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