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The year 2022 is coming to an end and the team would like to present their games of the year to you for the eighth time this year. Each day until December 31, select members of the team will showcase three favorites of 2022 as well as next year’s most anticipated titles – today it’s Cassie (JenovaNoDanna)’s turn. Elden Ring
I fondly think back to that feeling of spring 2022, picking up the controller and once again experiencing that childlike sense of anticipation that comes with any new FromSoftware game. As always, the goal was to explore an unknown world full of dangers, fair and demanding at the same time. After Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, I was also excited to be able to cast magic again. Because guides and spoilers were slow to come (or completely ignored me) this time, there was also the magic of the unknown. I was able to regularly exchange ideas with friends about where they were and what they had been through so far – and most of the time our experiences were fundamentally different. As such, I am grateful to Elden Ring for bringing soul magic to many players this year, myself included. Here’s my “but” and why it’s not a Game of the Year contender for me: I prefer my Souls games without the open world. At some point, exploration didn’t interest me as much, and repetitive enemies didn’t really make it any more appealing. My favorite Souls game is still the first Dark Souls, which apart from the absolutely memorable characters is mainly due to its closed and ingeniously designed game universe. That’s why the initial magic faded for me at some point, so I didn’t care much about Elden Ring after playing it. However, it’s still a good match, that’s why I barely made it to the podium. A Plague Tale: Requiem
It was only this year that I played the first part, which is why I wanted to devote myself to the sequel without too much of a break. First of all, I really like the puzzle-solving and stealth gameplay elements, which is why Requiem meets those needs. Also the story with its well-written characters was able to captivate me most of the time, especially at the end (!!!) Dark story games where we sneak are a good thing – and yes, the remake of The Last of Us Part I I also liked. I don’t have much to complain about here. One or the other bug on the PlayStation 5 rarely caused the console to reset. It shouldn’t have been mandatory, but it was still quite bearable. So if you like games of this genre (or the first part), then I can recommend A Plague Tale: Requiem without hesitation. 1st place: God of War Ragnarok
As with A Plague Tale, I caught up on the first part this year. I was actually a bit skeptical about it because everyone felt like this game was going well – so I figured it couldn’t deliver every moment. Luckily, I was wrong about that. I was addicted to God of War to the point of being hyped before Ragnarök came out. Then the game was there at one point and I got completely lost in its world again. Ragnarök picks up where the first part left off – both in story and gameplay. While the plot is explosively staged, the game doesn’t let up in terms of gameplay. Whether I want to dig into some of the story or just finish exploring an area, God of War Ragnarök entertains on all levels and just makes for a good time. , The Last of Us would have been ahead of me here), but it makes up for it with the successful staging. I just incredibly enjoyed most of the characters on screen (especially because we finally got a glimpse of the other side). Kratos is also very enjoyable to play. The only thing I missed here was an equivalent of the Valkyries in the first installment, since berserker souls can’t match them either in plot or combat power. But overall: God of War Ragnarök is pure popcorn cinema and does a great job here! That’s why it’s my GotY for me.Honorable Mentions and Most Wanted 2023This year I focused more on older games and filled in some gaps in my knowledge. I plan to continue in the coming year, although some potential masterpieces may appear for me… but first I’d like to congratulate the most recent titles Sucker for Love: First Date and The Quarry , and give them a small place in my post. Sucker for Love: First Date is a humorous dating sim in which you get to know the great elders of the Lovecraftian mythos from a different, romantic side. I found the dating sim incredibly refreshing and charming, so I can definitely recommend it (most importantly, it’s also a good length at three hours without anything being unnecessarily long). So if you’ve ever felt the urge to grab a kiss from a tentacled monster or two…now’s your chance. Despite its short playtime, it is a bit longer than Dark Pictures’ anthology titles and thus created a more immersive gaming experience for me, which I also liked. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that some of the choices you can make in the game weren’t really shown clearly and I messed up my desired ending for no logical reason. So here is a potential risk of frustration (or the reference to a walkthrough). And finally for the year to come: With the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the potential second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, my top-decade games appear. I have high expectations here, which of course can also lead to big disappointments. But Zelda is Zelda and I really like the direction Final Fantasy VII Remake is taking, so I have some concerns about that. Otherwise, as a horror fan, I’m really looking forward to Dead Space Remake. For me, the first part remains one of the best titles of the genre. The same can be said about the fourth part of the Resident Evil series and coincidentally it will be released next year as well. Horror fans eat well, and finally, I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Engage and Pikmin 4. When big game streaks continue, that’s usually a good thing. The whole JPGames team wishes you a happy new year 2023! Images: FromSoftware, Focus Entertainment, SIE

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