Collect physically – but not at any cost •

Do you like collecting video games? Physically, of course, because you want to own them. You criticize the day one patches. If so, check which version of the game is on the cartridge. You have already bought a game digitally – and later bought it physically a second time because it then received a retail version. Some of your games are adorned with weird and incomprehensible age ratings. Because you bought games in Asia that we only have digital, you are an avid collector. But at some point, it’s over. Publishers know we’re ready for more than most. We pay more, we camp in online shops, we pay too high shipping costs and we also register for the next Limited shop. I do not mean that it will also be more difficult for publishers. Less money is still money. But the print runs are getting smaller and smaller and you’re trying to save as much as possible, whether it’s in production, distribution or content, you’re trying to see how far you can go. With collector’s edition prices, with store-exclusive distribution, with FOMO and rarity, and with the simplification of production. The Collector’s Edition is gradually becoming the Collector’s Box without a game. Fans must buy the game, publishers only produce a collector’s edition. At some point, however, the limits are reached – for us collectors. There are things we shouldn’t do to ourselves. Collecting is fun, but not at any price, the fact that the biggest publishers are currently making it difficult for us is cheeky and we have to learn to give up when things get too colorful for us. Nintendo must be comfortable releasing a retail version of Bayonetta to a wide audience and in a print run that doesn’t bring the dollar sign to the eyes of scalpers. Square Enix is ​​unable to sell one of the most well-known and best known in the world. beloved video game brands like this that fans can even buy. What you do with the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster in the in-house store is just pointless. Sony also diligently agrees. It all started with a discless God of War Collector’s Edition. Instead of a PS4 and PS5 edition, the download codes have simply been inserted. Then they didn’t even manage to get The Last of Us Part I Collector’s Edition released in Europe. Now they’re selling it exclusively on PlayStation Direct and they actually redeemed the PS5 disc for a download code. The Firefly Edition, which offers a Steelbook as the only physical content in addition to the comics, does not include a disc. I am not the argument that this haptic collector’s edition must appeal to digital fans as well. How many digital collectors collect physical collector’s editions? Should be manageable There are several warning signs for collectors. Borders that we should not cross. Because when we do, we send fatal signals to the biggest of the big publishers. To know that they can do it with us. Collect physically – with pleasure, but not at any price. Pictures: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix

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