Details of the long-promised retail version released •

The announcement of Return to Monkey Island thrilled Guybrush fans around the world. The game is now available. But there’s still one thing missing to fully satisfy fans’ hearts: the retail version, of course, which fans have been hassling with Ron Gilbert since the announcement. A little pissed off, he explained as early as September 2022: “The commercial version will come out ‘much later’ and please stop bothering him with that. Now the time has come, there are details about the physical edition.” But some fans might not be so excited. If you want to get one of the commercial versions, you have to buy from the American company Limited Run Games. The pre-order phase begins on January 20. Of course, in addition to the standard version, there is also a collector’s edition. You attach here, among other things, a booklet, the soundtrack, a small invitation card and a letter, as well as pins and one of the five golden keys “Run” was subsequently also available for free- exchange via another distribution partner. Also, it has happened again and again recently that games from Devolver Digital in particular are sold in “normal” stores in Europe, more recently, for example, Demon Throttle, which was originally only available from Special Reserve Games. Run games

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