Emotional confession from our influencer: I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t live…and such days can still happen. She also revealed how much she earns today thanks to Instagram

Her life looks like something out of an American movie, but influencer Moma admits she can’t control it sometimes. Depression still torments her today, but she categorically refuses medication! Martina Horňáková, who became famous under the nickname Moma, is one of our most influential influencers. Today, she is followed by almost 600,000 people on Instagram alone, for whom she has been a great inspiration for years. Moma surprised many times with her honesty, after all, she talked about eating disorders and self-love some time ago in an interview for DIVA.SK. On the outside, the famous YouTuber’s life may seem flawless, but in the #BreakTheRules podcast with Nika Vujisić, she admitted that she still struggles with depression and an eating disorder. Photo gallery Martina Horňáková – Moma Source: Instagram: moma

She started when she was only 12

Many people might not even know that Moma didn’t start in the world of social media on YouTube, on Facebook, where she started a One Direction group page when she was 12 years old. Later, she started bringing various beauty and fashion inspirations to the girls, which met with great success. The well-known blonde literally went to the market with her skin, which was later attributed to her mental health, even though she suffered from an eating disorder. “I think thanks to a healthy relationship, I’m much better now, my boyfriend is supporting me. Well, I think that probably affected me and I’ll probably never look at food again, just like food. Unfortunately , after all these years of counting calories, I know exactly how much is in it. There are better times and worse times, but I don’t think I could fall back into that.’ It doesn’t really happen that I’m home and just doing things. I’m a complete psychopath with timing and I’ve planned everything from minute to minute, when something goes wrong I’m bad. I don’t even want that, I would like to have more free days and share my time according to my needs. But I feel like I’m in control of my life only when I have everything on time. Now I’m dealing with it from a psychological standpoint, that I really have an obsession with being non-stop productive, if I had a window there I’d feel less valuable and not worth it the pain.” Martina Horňáková photo gallery – Mom with her friend Dr. Piège Raf Slimko Source: Instagram: martinahornakova

She wanted to be the best and the perfect

Today, Moma realizes that in the past she wanted to be perfect in every way, which led to depression and anxiety at a young age that still plagues her today. When she travels or gets a dream job, she enjoys her life, but then she’s home for three days and her life seems too ordinary and she can’t be happy. “I have states of anxiety, I’m nervous and for a while I have shortness of breath and I don’t know if I’m in a dream or in reality. I no longer feel my arms and legs, I I feel like I’m dreaming, then my heart starts pounding and I feel like I’m going to die, even though I’m fine. Besides, I have depressive episodes, when I have mornings for a month, when I wake up and see nothing, even though good things are waiting for me.” “Two years ago I had such a depressive episode that lasted five months and it was hell. I didn’t want to wear anything, brush my teeth and I remember lying under a blanket for three days. It wasn’t because I was sad, I didn’t know how to live and I didn’t care about emptiness. I had it too last month, and every time it happens, I’m afraid that it take so long,” added Moma, who also claims she doesn’t want to take antidepressants because she knows she couldn’t cope without them. Photo gallery Martina Hornáková – Moma Source: Instagram: martinahornakova

How much does he earn today thanks to social networks?

Today, Moma is one of our most famous influencers, but also a successful entrepreneur with her own brand, which is also sold by a well-known beauty store chain. She doesn’t talk about what her income actually is, but she admitted how much she takes for her collaborations. “The first paid collaboration was hair cosmetics, which I always like to buy. It’s an English brand and I like to remember those first collaborations. The biggest amount I had for a one-year campaign was 30,000.” Today, Moma receives dozens of cooperation offers a week, but rejects most of them. He likes to remember his cooperation with a well-known clothing brand. “My dream collaboration would be with the Calvin Klein brand, but so far they’ve only approached me once, when they took me to New York, where I flew business class for the first time. We had the most luxurious hotel, where only the top models On the last day, we were invited to a party, where Asap Rocky, the actors of Game Of Thrones and Sarah J. Parker were.’

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