Every second considers the Nintendo Switch as the main console –

Market researchers from Ampere Analysis conducted a study among players in the UK. The goal was to find out which console gamers consider their primary console. Specifically, participants were asked which of their consoles they actually use most often. The result is that in Britain, which (like Germany) is often referred to as “Sony country”, 71% of all PS5 owners have also used this console as their primary console. This stat also shows that the good old PS4 still plays a major role. 54% claim it as their main console. The Nintendo Switch, which has been called a “second console” from the start, should come as a bit of a surprise. 49% of Switch owners see things differently, seeing their Switch as the primary console and spending most of their time with it. It is also interesting to compare the figures with the previous year. Here we see that the PS5 has won significantly and overtaken the PS4. In 2021, there was still a ratio of 59% (PS5) and 64% (PS4) in the ratings. But the Switch (40% at the time) has also grown – and it’s in its fifth year of its lifecycle that these owners spend the majority of their gaming time,” explains the study.via GoNintendo, Artwork : Nintendo

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