Farming Sim announced for Nintendo Switch with that little something extra –

Publisher VARSAV Game Studios and developer Mooneaters recently announced that they are also working on a Switch version of farming simulator Everdream Valley. However, there is no specific release date for the Switch version yet. A demo is currently available for PC via Steam.

No ordinary farming simulation

However, Everdream Valley is no ordinary farming sim, but does some things a little differently. For example, each inhabitant of this world has his own life, with his own plans and secrets. Using a magic hat, you can control different animals and thus influence different events during the day. The change of day and night also has an effect on gameplay, as different tasks can only be completed at night, for example. The consequences of an unfinished task in the evening are then felt the next morning. Despite all this happy farming, there is a mysterious secret to be revealed in this beautiful but also bizarre world. Players have two full months to uncover this secret. One thing’s for sure, though: it’s going to be the weirdest summer ever.

The official trailer

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