Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is working on a new game and wants to ‘try again’

In a massive year-end interview, Japan’s Famitsu asked 141 well-known developers from various studios and publishers about their ambitions for the new year. As always, there were many interesting, if often not very concrete, answers. Famitsu also interviewed Final Fantasy inventor Hironobu Sakaguchi. It’s not like expecting Sakaguchi to lead another game release at all. “I thought I was going to retire (laughs), but I decided to try again,” he said Sakaguchi. Phew! He dedicates his “status update” to his current love, Final Fantasy XIV. Anyone who follows Sakaguchi on Twitter knows how much time he invests in the MMORPG. Alongside, he also reveals that he is currently working on a new game. “I will never stop playing Final Fantasy XIV. Meet me in Eorzea. Also, I started writing the script for a new title that has not been announced yet. It’s going to be dark fantasy,” Sakaguchi said. So it’s still not over after Fantasian. We’re thrilled. However, fans shouldn’t hope for a AAA console project. Mistwalker is no longer the studio that released The Last Story, of course, Sakaguchi fans still have some hope in this announcement Fantasian, the latest game so far, was really good, although it’s still only available for Apple Arcade Previously, Sakaguchi developed, among other things, Terra Battle, whose online services have long been discontinued via Gematsu, Artwork: Fantasian, Mistwalker

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