First images and new details for the announced Shoot’em Up 2014 •

Ubusuna is perhaps one of the furthest games from an announcement and one of the longest we haven’t heard of. Because Ubusuna is more likely to appeal to a smaller market, it should have fallen into general oblivion. But the first announcement of Shoot’em Up by Hiroshi Iuchi, developer of Ikgaruga, dates back to 2014. During the M2 ShotTriggers broadcast, Ubusuna made a surprising report. Hiroshi Iuchi said development was progressing steadily, but this year saw another big change when they changed designers. Many things such as game mechanics have also been reworked from the start – no surprise considering the development and planning time. In the live stream, Hiroshi Iuchi then shared some artwork and some background information about the game’s prologue, which you can read on Gematsu. A “Soundtrack EP” video was also released. The video and some artwork: By uploading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.
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